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Eädyth Joins Libertino Records + Announces New Single “Inhale / Exhale” due May 28th

May 25, 2021

Eädyth Joins Libertino Records + Announces New Single “Inhale / Exhale” due 28th May

Time and time again we repeat the following statement- Libertino Records have this remarkable knack for introducing so many talented outfits and their must-hear records. Today, we’re pleased to announce the news that their family has grown, with the addition of Eädyth joining their label family. Alongside the amalgamation, Eädyth will be releasing their forthcoming single “Inhale / Exhale” this Friday, May 28th.

Inhale / Exhale is described as Eädyth’s personal reaction to the uncertainty that the last year and half has brought into all of our lives. She finds the positive as she lets go of the fear, a positivity that shines throughout Eädyth’s soaring vocals and the tracks soulful melody. 

Inhale / exhale is a song I wrote, about how I felt during lockdown, the fears and the overthinking about the future and having to keep living life, but in this, trying to keep calm and to find positive ways to adapt into the ‘new normal’. I’ve been inspired by being able to go outdoors and take in the beautiful surroundings of Merthyr, inhaling the positives and exhaling the fears” – Eädyth

Libertino · Eädyth – Inhale / Exhale

Straight away the audience finds themselves in the midst of this consuming atmosphere from the moment “Inhale / Exhale” commences, this cascading plethora of gentle and swaying textures fall upon this addictive ambiance. The abundance of chiming notes against this hypnotizing pulse brings this immediate vibe to the exploration. The percussion elements make a stirring commitment to the release as they welcome the delicate vocal notes from Eädyth. The power of Eädyth‘s compelling vocal harmonies will leave such a lasting impression, this formidable artist brings this tender value to their innovative vision, whilst carefully controlling the broad power they possess. Eädyth‘s raw vocal notes exude a wealth of emotion within their delivery but at the forefront we understand the unlimited intensity that is available from this artist. We know that despite the tentative tones, the fragility weaving throughout the hypnotic textures capturing the structure,  Eädyth has this dominating nature within their melodies and that’s key to keeping the audience fixated throughout this stunning journey.

‘Inhale / Exhale’ – the comforting words we hear in the center of a meditative state, this ensemble reinforces that mesmerizing sensation and unites the title with the intimate proceedings within this new single release. Throughout, this gentle yet vibrant instrumentation delicately cultivates this minimalist yet charming tone and familiar motion. The experimental elements form this intricate impression which becomes the perfect structure for Eädyth to weave their words within. This creation will alter your mood, the raw lyrics and moving harmonies and complex vocal range build this alluring aura, one which you want to hold on to. An artist ready to showcase their soulful soundscapes, an artist that effortlessly connects to their audience.

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