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Wild Cat Strike Release New EP “The Red Brake Light Sky Sessions” – Out Now Via Small Pond

April 2, 2021

Wild Cat Strike Release New EP “The Red Brake Light Sky Sessions”

Out Now Via Small Pond

Brighton four-piece Wild Cat Strike have released their tender new EP, ‘The Red Brake Light Sky Sessions’,  the record was officially released on 26th March 2021 via Small Pond

The band previously released the The Blood Orange Sessions EP (2019), featuring exclusive live sessions, reimaginings, and alternate versions of tracks from their full-length debut ‘Rhubarb Nostalgia’The ‘Red Brake Light Sky Sessions’ is a comparable counterpart to the band’s last EP ‘Mustard Coloured Years’, the Ying to this Yang, a response to the challenges to creativity in current times: 

“We were working out a few acoustic arrangements for a pop-up shop to play alongside our friends in Delta Sleep and Orchards, and when lockdown hit and it cancelled, we didn’t stop and just followed this path further” 

Featuring the reworked single ‘Toothcutter’ –a track about self-fulfilling prophecies, the notion of destiny, and accepting your struggles as just being part of the bigger picture – ‘The Red Brake Lights Sky Sessions’ EP is another accomplished step in the right direction for this slow-burning, soulful Brighton quartet. 

“I like to find unique analogies that haven’t been found, but once heard they seem like they have always existed; the loud wallpaper in a quiet room, traffic jams bringing in a red brake-light-coloured sunset, the night disguising the roads as strips of liquorice, wondering who tamed the carousel horses, a cherry branch in at random signifying good luck, the easiest thing to do being to learn the hard way, trying not to worry where you are going to sleep at the end of the day knowing that heaven’s always got a spare room; just in case…” 

Recorded in their individual houses in isolation, and mixed and mastered by their former drummer Joe Caple, the band traded in distortion pedals, driven bass amps, and the full potency of their usual live sound for instruments like banjos, marimbas, melodicas  and violins, to look for their own melancholic connection with their listeners in a new and exciting way.  

Track Listing
1. Mustard
2.Toothcutter (Part 1)
3.Toothcutter (Part 2)
4. Swamp
5. Beekeeper
6. Mustard (Amazing Radio session)
7. Swamp (Amazing Radio session)

Acoustically alluring from the first note. Wild Cat Strike are masters at tearing up the stage one minute and the next presenting something so sincere. Wild Cat Strike creates such significant sounds, we truly believe they are one of the most underrated bands of our time. This EP captures something so special, it’s time to lose ourselves in their vision.

The distinguished and luscious composition Mustard kicks off the EP’s proceedings and instantly showcases the unique charm of Wild Cat Strike. With the folk ensemble gathering momentum and Daniel’s delicate lyrics providing this lifting appeal, the first track shares this intensely personal essence whilst retaining a refined and sincere feeling captured in this melodic movement. Toothcutter (Part 1) begins and the intricate notes lead the way for a more intense exploration. Toothcutter (Part 2) offers this resonating appeal and a contrasting journey from those that went before. Swamp lifts the journey once more and provides this brighter tone and lighter atmosphere, the track provides this heartfelt, stirring sensation.

There’s this wild vibrance that flows throughout the record, the organic textures layered throughout each delicate structure hooks the audience and then the fragile lyrics unites this connection between outfit and listener. As the outfit infuses the use of violins, banjo, glockenspiel, and organ at these crucial points throughout their arrangements, they flawlessly weave this traditional folk feel into the body of their work but then enrich that attribute with peaks of refreshing and innovative bursts. Solidifying their work by uniting old and new and yet offering sincerity at its core. Soulful, energetic and wild, always. Wild Cat Strike have the ability to captivate you with their harmony, their lustful lyrics and their unique instrumentation. Wild Cat Strike emits raw emotive enthusiasm.

The new cassette captures these soulful creations packed with hazy folk attributes and meaningful melody. This is an act we adore, their work drums up so much beauty.

We are also delighted to have a couple of their cassettes available via our online store- stocks are low so pick up your copy now- https://circuitsweet.bigcartel.com/product/wild-cat-strike-the-red-brake-light-sky-sessions-cassette-release.




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