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Thot Announce “Obscured By The Wind” 10 Year Anniversary Celebrations

April 11, 2021

Thot Announce “Obscured By The Wind” 10 Year Anniversary Celebrations

To celebrate the incredible 10 year anniversary of Thot’s “Obscured By The Wind”, Belgian industrial noise/post-rock outfit Thot have embarked on a month-long bash to commemorate the decade. Thot have planned a forthcoming vinyl release, special anniversary merchandising, and a unique live session. News of all the celebrations planned are available to view on Thot’s social media accounts, follow their Facebook and Instagram for further details.

Back in March 2011 Thot released their acclaimed 10 track album. The band detail Obscured by the Wind drew the outlines of a singular audio/visual language, blending industrial-rock, post-rock and punk vibes into one solid statement which has been blooming along the years: vegetal noise music.

Thot will release their new limited 12″ vinyl, for the first time, Obscured by the Wind will be released on vinyl June 1st. You can pre-order the record here . Thot have unveiled their plans to release 200 pieces limited 12″ vinyl, coming with kraftpack cardboard gatefold, in 2 versions: GREEN SUN (100 copies) & WHITE SUN (100 copies).

Obscured by the Wind Tracklist:

1. Eolien

2. Take a Bow and Run

3. Dancing in the Corn

4. Moved Hills

5. Spellbound Fields

6. Blue and Green (Are melting down in a seed)

7. Solid Insecure Flower

8. The Hour Speller

9. Obscured by The Wind


The album has retained this prominent accord, the instrumentation is as relevant today as it was when the record was released and left their audience in awe. This intense record captures the commendable and established power that Thot conveys, it’s a non-stop thrilling collection of fierce instrumentation. The album navigates through these sincere channels of deeply immersive industrial influences, this diverse journey of high-octane innovative orchestrations.

The album delivers this bold and boisterous masterpiece, throughout the album Obscured by the Wind flawlessly captivates your full attention, showcasing the mighty range that Thot can capture within the studio and from their creations. The cutting textures evoke this rigorous pattern throughout the course of the album, Thot combines these cherished rhythms and layered instrument additions with moments of intimacy that ultimately clash with the aggressive peaks emitting from the soaring noise.

Abrasive urgency and sincere sonic soundscapes weave with harmonious vocal notes. Thot manages this spellbinding execution, fearlessly experimenting with such gargantuan landscapes which are crucially built from the ground up and manipulated throughout.

This album- unforgettable.

Join Thot for their celebrations and revel in this powerful release.



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