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TAYNE Release New Single “Coherent” – Out Now | Single Special

April 5, 2021

TAYNE Return With New Single “Coherent”

Out Now

We are delighted to welcome back the return of TAYNE, the London-based experimental noise rock band that has shared a new single and the first new music in just over 6 months.

The band has been busy working on a bank of new material and has now released their captivating new single “Coherent“, the release was unveiled April 2nd and is streaming below.

The new single is easily one of the most explosive releases of our time. It’s fierce and consuming with this wild current running through the heart of the experimental orchestration. The track itself is described as being about toxic relationships, intimacy, and willingness to continue doing something you already know is wrong. The single challenges the above and yet somehow obliterates that thought process through the instrumentation and leaves you wanting to accept change, that’s how fearsome the composition is.

The raw lyrics of this bold ensemble provide this compelling hook within the crushing landscape, you focus on those critical words which reflect within the abrupt tone. TAYNE has created this inferno for their infectious rhythms to excel within, this apocalyptic atmosphere built within the sonic surges ultimately becomes an immersive and intoxicating environment. And yet deep within this brutalist structure, TAYNE propels a lasting element of intimacy which is found within the lyrics of this arrangement. The lyrics add this personal layer to the crushing composition by allowing a breath of human emotion to weave into the dark waves, the lyrics deliver this harrowing touch to a release that gravitates towards chaos.

TAYNE effortlessly manages to build far-reaching expansive soundscapes of impressive culminated range. TAYNE have quickly mastered their ability to produce music which obliterates the senses, the new single captures the true skill of orchestrating elements that make TAYNE‘s projection so enthralling and also welcomes a sense of maturity and growth to this promising outfit.

The new single is the result of a quick recording session and became the first track the outfit finished having spent time recordings with Wayne Adams of PETBRICK/ BIG LAD, producing and recording in his studio in London.



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