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Supermilk Announces New Album “Four By Three” due 2nd July via Specialist Subject + Shares New Single “Used To It”

April 28, 2021
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New album Four By Three due 2nd July via Specialist Subject

Shares New Single ‘Used To It’ 

Supermilk, the solo project from ex-Doe drummer Jake Popyura, has announced his second album Four By Three, coming 2nd of July via Specialist Subject. Arriving just over a year after debut Death Is the Best Thing for You Now, the album showcases a more gentle and personal side to Popyura’s songwriting whilst retaining the urgent fuzz-pop and post-punk of previous releases.

Supermilk also reveals new single ‘Used To It‘, a tension-relieving and cathartic acoustic-led track that finds Popyura learning to let go of loose ends.

One upside of 2020 for me was being forced to sit with uncertainty and learning to accept that some things can’t be resolved as neatly as we’d like, if at all, especially when it comes to interpersonal matters, but maybe that’s ok,” he explains…

Not everything needs to have a neat ending and the more we can all get used to things sometimes being a little messy the more resilient it’ll make us. The lyrics draw from a couple of personal relationships in my life where I’ve had to accept that certain aspects of them might never be untangled, but that doesn’t mean they should be isolated in a part of the brain where I never look.

This distinct vibrance emits immediately from the guitar tone upon every note resonating into the atmosphere of “Used to It”. As this reflective essence starts to form from the musical tonality, the guitar becomes the first focus of the track, Supermilk brings in this percussive lead beat, giving space for drum shuffles to shimmer amongst the landscape and the controlled cymbal crashes bring this complex depth to the release but ultimately it’s Supermilk‘s dynamic vocal harmony that fluctuates through the release that dominates your entire attention. Reaching these tender notes and delivering this intimate lyrical appeal. This raw pull adds this personal conviction to the release.

Throughout the expressive inclination driven by Supermilk‘s captivating characteristics from their melodies, this sublime emotional attachment bounces from each word within the soundscape. Equal parts tender to telling, rhythmic riff passages break up the intensity as the arrangement showcasing the power of this vital artist. Supermilk brings this fuzz enriched animation from the guitar and pushes that warmer feeling into the entire vision.

Writing and playing music from the age of 7, Popyura has spent the majority of his life performing, recording and touring internationally as a member of various bands and projects. Most recently he was the co-founder and drummer/vocalist of indie-rock trio Doe (2013-2019) and started releasing material as Supermilk in 2017.

Originally intended as a sporadic studio-only project, Supermilk initially released two short EPs –  the synth-heavy ‘Hello? Yes this is Supermilk…’ (2017) and the mental health-centric ‘Rare Delusions’ (2019). Supermilk’s self-produced debut LP – Death Is the Best Thing for You Now – was released in March 2020 through Popyura’s own Keroleen Records. The album – a fidgety, bittersweet mix of post-punk and fuzz-pop with overarching lyrical themes of death and male entitlement – was released to coincide with Supermilk’s transition to performing with a live band, which included guitarists Sophie MacKenzie (Cheerbleederz, Finish Flag) and Popyura’s former Doe bandmate Dean Smithers. However, as they were preparing for the LP’s release show the UK was plunged into lockdown due to the global Coronavirus pandemic, putting all shows and touring plans on hold for the foreseeable future.

Faced with an abundance of free time and an inability to wake up later than 6.30am, Popyura soon started writing and demoing new songs, and by the end of 2020 had written more than enough material for a new LP. Seizing the opportunity between various Covid restrictions he teamed up with friend and producer Rich Mandell (Happy Accidents/Me Rex) to record Four by Three, at Marketstall Recording, East London in just 6 days. The album showcases a gentler and more personal side to Supermilk’s songwriting whilst still retaining the urgency and 90s indebted fuzziness of the project’s previous releases.

When not making music Jake Popyura works as a web developer and enjoys home brewing, obsolete physical media and 80s horror movies.


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