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Silent Forum Release Re-Mastered Copies Of First Two EPs + First Two Singles – Out Now

April 16, 2021

Silent Forum Release Re-Mastered Copies Of First Two EPs + First Two Singles – Out Now

There really is something special about finding an artist and their most recent release, connecting with the release and becoming a fan of the outfit, only to discover this plethora of standout music within their back catalogue. That jackpot you hit when you find this treasure of previously unheard music from the beginning of an outfit’s formation and their journey. Today, Silent Forum announce the re-release of their back catalogue, re-mastered and reuploaded for our enjoyment.

Silent Forum announced the news in a special clip you can see below:

Spoiling us with not one but two EP’s that have been remastered and sounding heavier than before, as well as two singles. All of which can be found on the band’s bandcamp page. Silent Forum have shared their first two EPs “Brief Collapses” and “Sanctuary”, as well as their singles “Limbo” and “Trust”.

Brief Collapses EP

Recorded in December 2015, Silent Forum’s debut EP marked a darker shift in tone for the band, away from the more buoyant Indie Rock produced under their previous guise How I Faked The Moon Landing. Anxious and percussive vocals backed by buzzsaw guitars make up the first release under the name Silent Forum.

The 4 track EP immediately constructs this angular, gritty atmosphere. Commencing the EPs proceedings by the fierce opener “Shame”, which could draw comparisons to early Joy Division with the similar darker intensity and bold vocal notes. This driving force found in the ardent beat, the raw bass tone, and the whirling guitar notes adds such an addictive pull to the release. “River’ follows, this time the outfit focus on this brooding melody and faster tempo, this release could be one of the most memorable from the band, it’s easily one of the most compelling compositions the band has crafted, we find a little influence from the likes of The Drums with a more cutting essence emitting from the raw lyrics. How this wasn’t a big indie hit we don’t know but hit repeat and let’s bring this single to the forefront of everyone’s attention.

In its entirety, Brief Collapses proves the power of Silent Forum. They are meticulous at building powerful ensembles that dynamically push the intensity within their musical reach, Silent Forum have focused on the vital connection between tone, ambiance, and lyrics. The band have always skillfully delivered explorations rich in emotion, easy to connect with, and infectious melodies. When we look back onto when this record came to life, 6 years later and Silent Forum may have matured but their work has always been pivotal, Silent Forum flawlessly produces expressive pieces that remain relevant.

Limbo Single

Silent Forum’s 2017 “Fun singles” welcomes the post-punk infused “Limbo” back to our ears. The band describe this single as their time of branching out into less harsh, more idiosyncratic indie-noir territory.

“Limbo” steers through the distinct shimmering textures against the punchy verses. Once again Silent Forum unites this electrifying rhythm with immersive lyrics. A track that doesn’t necessarily allude to a serious notion yet captures this post-punk edge whilst the track meanders through this dreamy soundscape.

Trust Single

Next up, Silent Forum’s 2017 “fun singles”, Trust emerges with a more raw tone. The track is described as a rock song in three parts of varying intensity.

The complex atmosphere and bold attributes pull you in. The power of Silent Forum gravitates through this sharp soundscape and this is the track that captures the appeal of this outfit when they up the ante within their releases. A cathartic appeal as you embrace the boisterous composition. The outfit skillfully manipulates the intensity within this release and by dynamically shifting the time signatures and the repeated notes and loops this track captures this brooding attitude that is desperate to attack the direction.

Sanctuary EP

The second EP to get a resurgance and overall a more crisp sound. This release is described as looking thematically at relationships: both personal and fictional, of love and of religion. The vocals here are more melodically driven than previous efforts and the instruments lock into grooves which are pushed to their logical emotional extremes over the course of each track’s run time. Hosanna is the culmination of the lyrical and instrumental themes of the 4 track EP and spans over 8 and a half minutes of building sonic intensity.

The EP just feels more advanced within the structures, general formation and crushing execution. “Sanctuary” is a turning point for the outfit, they embrace this fearless attitude to build substantial gallant landscapes and allow each musician space for their commitment to flourish. The band inflicts this gothic overtone into their world and the intensity of that infliction brings out a more developed, captivating presence.

Speaking to vocalist Richard We are so very proud of the material we released in 2016 and 2017. Its proper post-punk music. Angsty. Full blooded. The two EPs ‘Brief Collapses’ and ‘Sanctuary’ are very much the original Silent Forum, with us shedding our sound from the fun indie pop early years as How I Faked The Moon Landing. They are the sound of a band who have arrived in a cold and suspicious, furious, black and white world. Many of the songs are tinged with the regret failed relationships. There is a good range of hits but I have to single out ‘Nameless’ and ‘Hosanna’ as my absolute favourites, the latter being an undiscovered epic gem which I am looking forward to sticking on for anyone who’ll listen.

We then have the awesome singles ‘Limbo’ and ‘Trust’ which is more representative of the “new” Silent Forum. ‘Limbo’ is a straight up pop hit with a bizarre structure, you can hear us flexing our muscles in the pop sphere, with the benefit of everything we learnt about song writing on the EPs.

Needless to say its a relief to have the material we recorded with our original guitarist Aaron Wood (who performed alongside Dario) back on streaming services. Thank you to Aaron for his years of hard work! To have him remastered by the genius Charlie Francis means he is now being heard in the most impressive, sparkling form possible.

Bassist Oli adds:

I can’t wait to have our back catalogue available to everybody again. These songs represent a significant part of the band’s life and map our journey to our more recent debut album.

The songs are heavier, rawer and more angsty than our current material and bring to life the things we were going through at the time. A lot of emotion and passion lives in these tunes as does the sound of a band learning its craft.

Silent Forum continues to impress but looking back on their past work the outfit consistently creates these honest, dark, and soaring arrangements. Silent Forum successfully brings to life this unique sonic footprint from an act with unlimited potential.



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