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Sean Grant & The Wolfgang Return With New Single/ Video “Bodies Of Christ” + Announce Sophomore Album “33” due May 21st via Shrink Your World Records

April 14, 2021

Sean Grant & The Wolfgang Return With New Single/ Video “Bodies Of Christ”

Announce Sophomore Album “33” due May 21st via Shrink Your World Records

We are so excited to hear new music from Sean Grant & The Wolfgang. Kicking spring off in style, Sean Grant & The Wolfgang have unveiled their new comeback single “Bodies Of Christ“, released Friday, April 2nd. You can find the new single and video streaming below. The single marks the return of the outfit and is the first single to be taken from the forthcoming sophomore album “33″ which is due May 21st.

With “Bodies Of Christ” the audience has no choice but to immerse themselves into the thick of the ferocious instrumentation that immediately propels the journey into the center of the intense soundscape. Sean Grant & The Wolfgang return with this sonic structure of which they team the heaviness with subtle tones and soothing vocal harmonies.

This fierce wealth of brooding instrumentation and a bold drum beat instantly engulfs the exploration before the delicate yet powerful vocals of Sean Grant cascade over the mighty tone which soars throughout. Maintaining this monotonous hard-hitting percussive beat against the biting riffs assists the full-bodied sound, the ensemble shows no signs of weakness. Dynamically shifting the intensity throughout, the outfit proudly weaves crucial angular breakdowns to capture a necessary transition within their work. When the intensity heightens, this consuming melody emerges and emits this serious 80s post-punk energy. The atmosphere darkens when the power possesses the flow.

Sean Grant & The Wolfgang have created immersive music at its very best with “Bodies of Christ“, bringing this whole new credible rock feel within the tonality of this creation. What sets this act apart, Sean’s tender vocal notes layered over the expressive orchestration ultimately unites fragility with ferocity, you embrace the fearless motion set out within the release. The charging rhythm innocently softened by the soothing vocals, which can easily be compared to that of Josh Homme. This single release is simply striking, it reaches out to you and connects with the emotional current channeling the direction.

There’s a certain legacy to Sean Grant & The Wolfgang and rightfully so, continuously evolving and pushing their boundaries, they need to be putting pen to paper and utilizing life experiences to deliver such compelling and meaningful compositions, the return of Sean Grant comes at a time where we certainly need to lose ourselves within the powerful lyrics.

The personal touch hits home, as Sean thought he might not release music again; after he began 2020 at his work. Since quitting alcohol, adapting a vegan lifestyle and embracing meditation and mindfulness to change his life, Sean return to writing and recording. The material captured would eventually become the forthcoming new album “33”. The record, as like the last album, will be released in support of charity CALM (www.thecalmzone.net), who are leading a movement against suicide.

The first single “Bodies of Christ” is described as the muscular growl to introduce “33”. Sean Grant explains “This track was the catalyst…I always found it fascinating “the body of Christ, the blood of Christ”. I think these ancient rituals have been passed down over time, and lost their true purpose to open our consciousness. The end fits into a different type of groove with shimmery guitars inspired by bands like Mew, and almost a tribal chanting at the end to seal the deal in manifesting this new journey”.

The new album is a heady mix. Sean’s musical influences for this record run from the guitar tones of Jeff Buckley’s ‘Vancouver’ to Nick Caves synths in “Push The Sky Away”. Phoebe Bridges album “Punisher” was on his most played list at the time, as well as intentionally trying to create a movie soundtrack feel, likening it to the “Drive” soundtrack with its atmospheric landscape.

’33‘ is, according to Grant, a “crossover of struggles with mental health, religious and scientific views, yogic philosophies, ancient civilisations, the Bible, and quantum physics”. ’33’, he believes, “sits back on these topics with an open mind connecting the dots; grasping at the secrets of the universe”.’33′ is straight from the heart, and carries a message that has powerful connotations of self discovery, paths to enlightenment – plus the mysteries of the number 33.

The new single is out now via Shrink Your World Records, with the album to follow.



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