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Remember Sports Share New Single “Out Loud” – Taken From Forthcoming New Album “Like A Stone” Out April 23rd via Father/Daughter Records (US) and Big Scary Monsters (UK/EU)

April 7, 2021

Remember Sports Share New Single “Out Loud”

Taken From Forthcoming New Album “Like A Stone” Out April 23rd via Father/Daughter Records (US) and Big Scary Monsters (UK/EU)

Like a Stone’, the new album from Philadelphia’s Remember Sports, is all about breaking away from old versions of yourself. Vocalist Carmen Perry (she/her) rummages through feelings of doubt and spins them into an imperative to treat herself more kindly; her experiences growing up with Catholicism and later studying religion, as well as living with an eating disorder, provide a visceral lens for the literal blood-and-guts self-scrutiny she writes through.
With gated drums reminiscent of a naughties pop highlights comp, their third pre-release single, ‘Out Loud,’ is undoubtedly one of the album’s standout moments. Vocalist Carmen Perry got to go “full Ariana Grande,” guitarist Jack Washburn says of the diva-leagues vocal chops on display, “and the whispering she does on that last chorus is one of the most special moments on the record for me.” 

Straight away you embrace the harmonious vocal delivery of Carmen Perry, undeniably one of the most fierce and distinguished vocalists out there right now. This moody instrumentation develops and offers this brooding beat and complex attributes. This compelling vibrance shines from the tone that ultimately devours you, the vibrant tone offers this uplifting attachment to the ensemble.

“Out Loud” is a bold statement, the instrumentation delivers this cathartic journey that you fully commit yourselves to. Mid-way Perry’s long-reaching vocal notes will leave you in awe. The sweeping notes push the journey into a more expressive direction, Remember Sports weave these ferocious build-ups into their creation and those sweeping notes pick the audience up. Throughout their new release, the band manages to focus on these honest and intimate rhythms and gentle hooks that come to form in these light break-downs, Remember Sports collectively embrace the highs and the lows, uniting softer melodies with bold crescendos. This track is heavenly.

The songs on ‘Like a Stone’ are about insecurity, but they’re also about optimism—emerging from an intrusive thought with a new way to perceive and care for yourself, represented in spectacular denouements made possible by the closeness between the band members. “We’ve grown up together and grown to trust each other,” says Carmen. In recording, Jack felt drawn to music that’s “communal and loud and cathartic, but also kinda confidential and private. I hope we achieved something similar, where you can hear the influence of each of us in the album.” Carmen seconds that; “It feels seamless. To me, Jack and Catherine’s writing feels like an extension of my own.”




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