Nice Swan Records Announces 12″ Compilation ‘Nice Swan Introduces: Volume 1’ + Live Dates

April 9, 2021
Photo Credit: Hannah Woollam

NICE SWAN RECORDS announces 12″ compilation ‘Nice Swan Introduces: Volume 1’ + Live Dates

Compilation Released August 30th

Nice Swan Records announce the forthcoming release of 12″ compilation Nice Swan Introduces Volume 1, set to arrive August 30th alongside live dates in London and Manchester to celebrate its launch.
Introducing a wave of new and exciting talent including the likes of Jelly Cleaver, Courting, Sprints, Hallan, Malady, Mandrake Handshake and Anorak Patch, the upcoming compilation solidifies Nice Swan’s growing status as one of the UK’s most reputable indie labels, with their live plans this summer set to demonstrate the full potential of their roster.
Launched in 2016 by North West duo Pete Heywoode and Alex Edwards, Nice Swan’s initial aim to become a platform for discovering and nurturing new talent soon attracted widespread recognition, with the subsequent success of signees such as Sports Team, Pip Blom, FUR & Hotel Lux building momentum at an impressive rate.
For Pete and I this has been a year’s worth of hard work and to finalise it with ten fantastic artists, an amazing 12” compilation release and these four shows is a real treat”, explains co-founder Edwards.
We feel each artist in their own right has a really promising future on the horizon so it’s been great to act as that launchpad with the series. Hopefully this is the start of something special and we’re looking to do it all again in 2022”.
Instilled with a passion to push emerging artists on a monthly basis, Volume 1 signals a real landmark moment in the cult indie label’s development, and with several acts already becoming mainstays on the BBC Radio 1/6 Music airwaves and gaining extensive tastemaker approval, the compilation could not be arriving at a better time.
Nice Swan Introduces Volume 1 is released August 30th and will be available on all platforms (pre-order 12″ vinyl here). Tickets on sale now for the live dates.
Live Dates
Aug 12 – YES, Manchester (Malady, Mandrake Handshake, Opus Kink)
Aug 25 – YES, Manchester (Hallan, Jaws the Shark, English Teacher)
Sept 12 – Moth Club, London (Malady, Mandrake Handshake, Hallan, Jelly Cleaver, Opus Kink)
Sept 30 – Camden Assembly, London (Courting, Jaws the Shark, Anorak Patch)
Catalogue Numbers and Series Releases
NSWNi001 Jelly Cleaver Feeling Fine
NSWNi002 Courting DBB
NSWNi003 Sprints The Cheek
NSWNi004 Hallan Modern England
NSWNi005 Malady London
NSWNi006 Mandrake Handshake Gonkulator
NSWNi007 Anorak Patch Irate
NSWNi008 Jaws The Shark Demon Dream
NSWNi009 Opus Kink Wild Bill
NSWNI010 English Teacher R&B
NSWNi011 Nice Swan Introduces Volume 1

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