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ME REX Shares New Animated Video for Heart of Garbage

April 10, 2021

ME REX Shares New Animated Video for Heart of Garbage

South London’s ME REX have shared a brand-new animated video for their infectious single Heart of Garbage, taken from their most recent EP ‘Stegosaurus’, which saw them receive acclaim from the likes of Stereogum and DIY.

Talking about the track, lead singer Myles McCabe said “The central metaphor is of a plant trying to grow in a poisonous environment. The song is about digging out space, providing light and clean water, trying to create the circumstances under which growth can happen.”

ME REX continues to amaze us. This unique act curates such powerful arrangements, each release haunts the audience and now with the accompanying video to “Heart Of Garbage”, the visuals capture the tender lyrics and captivate your attention. With the reflective lyrics and the passionate melodic beat- the result moves the audience, with such passion it feels like you experience a sincere and honest epiphany. As with each ME REX release, this is a vivacious and vital listen.

Sometimes taking a break is the only way to reignite a passion. Having immersed himself in music from a young age, ME REX, originally a solo project by Myles, saw early success with previous bands, but quickly became disillusioned with the music industry alongside an addiction to alcohol and battling mental health issues. However, the artist came into his own when he first began experimenting with electronic bedroom pop in 2018 in the solitude of his own home, leading to supports with the likes of Jeffrey Lewis and the Voltage, Chris Farren, and Onsind and tours in the UK and Europe with his constantly evolving new project.
With his band (Phoebe Cross (Happy Accidents/Cheerbleederz), Rich Mandell (Happy Accidents) and Kathryn Woods (Fresh/Cheerbleederz)) the artist has seen ME REX morph into an exciting collaborative project. Taking inspiration from the instantly definable electronics of WHY? and lyrical prowess of Los Campesinos, ME REX makes music that channels conflicting emotions, painted with unique and delicate flourishes yet at its core bearing a depth of emotion that’s so potent, it feels as though it may only just be scratching the surface of what’s to come from the promising songwriter.
“I reached kind of a critical point with my mental health around the time I got sober and in the following months. I wasn’t really able to write or make music. I became quite disillusioned with the idea of being in a band and making music within the music industry and in 2012 the band gradually fell apart.” Says McCabe. “After a couple of years, I decided I wanted to work as a solo act, there were a lot of advantages to this, logistically and interpersonally things were a lot easier. I found it much easier to tour alone and enjoyed the autonomy, I began touring around the UK and Europe. In 2017 I joined Fresh and began to see that it actually was possible to organise practice, writing and touring in a way that wasn’t soul destroying.”
Graduating from home produced music, the band’s recently released EPs ‘Triceratops’ and ‘Stegosaurus’ were recorded at Resident Studios in North London with band member Rich Mandell at the helm; allowing ME REX the opportunity to explore concepts as a musical unit, shaping material that touches on themes of friendship, forgiveness, joy, dinosaurs and mental health wrapped in sombre melodies.
“I like to include jokes and wordplay because I enjoy writing these things in, but also to undercut the idea that this kind of thing can only be discussed in strictly sombre terms. The process of developing my own health and recovery is for me a joyful one and I think that should be reflected when talking about it. I like to make my verses quite dense with ideas and images, so that a listener might not be able to take it all in at once. This leaves them to draw connections between the ideas that do stick out, this can give more space for interpretations that will change over repeat listens.”
ME REX may only just be beginning their journey, but they are already one of the most forward thinking and exciting new bands around, coming together to create something that resonates on several levels; sparking joy, hope and reflection with a collection of songs that are achingly poignant.

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