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Maranta Set To Release New Single “Miss Dupe” 24th April via New Teeth | Single Feature

April 18, 2021
Photography by Robin Strigner

Maranta Set To Release New Single “Miss Dupe” 24th April via New Teeth

From the their small basement studio, Callum & Glo make pop music in the port district of Leith, Edinburgh. Following on from 2019’s much buzzed-about EP, ‘Care ii Cure’ and an appearance on Paradise Palms’ ‘Bonnie Tropical 4’ compilation, the pair are set to release their first single of 2021 with local label, New Teeth.

The new single “Miss Dupe” will be released via Bandcamp 24th April and will later follow on Spotify 8th May.

‘Miss Dupé’ is described as a bright, vivid, carnivalesque affair. Bold, animated, squelching synths and huge modulating bass underpin vocal imagery steeped in metaphor and playful harmony. Musings of long distance love and the search for self worth sway between fantasy and the mundane.

Ahead of the release, we’ve been lucky enough to immerse ourselves in the new single and frankly, the release day can’t come soon enough.

Miss Dupe is the summer hit for 2021, this vibrant composition brings with it this realm of elevated beats, intense lyrics, and addictive passages. This arrangement will move you, and in tow bring this upbeat energy, the soundscape develops into this crucial mesmerizing affair of which you want to be a part of indefinitely. This is the perfect release to lose yourself within.

In the first 20 seconds of Miss Dupe, the audience embraces this soaring electronic flair as the synth notes find their ground before this illustrious and fat tone emerges and the synth waves escalate to alter the course of the atmosphere. The harmonious vocal notes join the soundscape and instantly captivate your full attention, they deliver this honest account within the lyrical course. The exploration just ignites with the additional synth patterns, tweaks, tone, and immersive lyrics. Throughout, Maranta showcases their unlimited potential with this bold arrangement, layering these essential layers of percussive led joyous pounds with a distinct synth sound that crushes the exploration as we bask in the notes that soar amongst the eclectic environment, the synth tone adds this unique gritty texture to a seemingly bright release.

Maranta delivers this expressive formation where their fearless attribute reflects throughout the entire journey. This broad landscape has been carefully crafted focussing on every detail and how that mirrors the flow of the ensemble. The duo has created a feel-good buoyant creation that alludes to an outfit double in size- the sound captured, its gargantuan. The pair let this unpredictable attitude control the proceedings as they dynamically alternate their own time signatures and intensity, this forcible and compelling vocal harmony dominates the atmosphere and when the additional baritone vocal counterpart joins the passages, the brooding sensation adds yet another addictive trait.

Maranta creates this infectious world with their vision, they proudly capture their identity and carve this path for their innovative orchestrations. They have a knack for this signature big hook and playful rhythms, in a world where we face such seriousness this outfit has explored their talents to deliver elated, effervescent, and expressive music that will challenge their audiences’ mood and bring them back to this fun environment with a need to dance.

Miss Dupe embraces this immensity and will be one of your most played single releases of this year.

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