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John Myrtle Shares New Single and Video “How Can You Tell If You Love Her?” – Debut Album “Myrtle Soup” Due 18th June via Sad Club Records

April 6, 2021





Fun-loving charmer John Myrtle reveals latest track ‘How Can You Tell If You Love Her?’, an infectious indie-pop anthem embracing his own anxieties surrounding love. The track joins an announcement of his debut album Myrtle Soup, an exploration of love and identity, packaged into a heart-warming entity, due 18th June via Sad Club Records. Living his worries and fears through a rose-tinted filter, John is guaranteed to brighten every mood, and put sunshine into each day – a perfect antidote to whatever the world throws at you.

This remarkable vibrance is captured within Myrtle’s distinct tone and instantly emit from the first note played, seriously the warmth of this artist cascades throughout their ensemble and provides this ultimate hook. John has shared their latest single, another quick-paced composition that delivers such an essential journey the playtime feels double in length as John covers expansive ground within their vision and the impact of their creations, sincere and long-lasting. John Myrtle is the artist of our time, “How Can You Tell If You Love Her?” allows John to pen honest rhetorical lyrics that in turn become the addictive trait to this reflective journey. John’s raspy yet fervent vocal harmonies surge amongst the bright tempo and the intimate atmosphere crafted. The instrumentation alludes to this charming psych-tinged guitar sound and this infectious woozy beat. The darker lyrics ultimately cease to the upbeat air as this artist creates soulful music which will lift their listeners.

The raw words projected by a wordsmith that devours you, with influences that can compare relations between The Beatles, Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard, Marc Bolan to Willy MasonJohn Myrtle recalls some 60’s/70’s rock singing icons and spins that comparison into their own direction. Myrtle has this flawless skill to connect to the listener and for onlookers to fall into the movement and cherish this artist. Throughout the arrangement, John’s vocal tones bring a level of isolation to the mix, focusing on the flawless execution and captivated by each word joining the structure.

Though sonically jubilant, ‘How Can You Tell If You Love Her?’ contrasts its bright chord progressions with themes of anxiety and self-doubt, perfectly encapsulating the unpredictable and often confusing emotions which surround the heart. Frustrated with the immeasurable qualities of love itself, John notes: “I guess the song is about being sure of the relationship you’re in – you can never really be certain you’re doing the right thing, you’ve just got to trust yourself. It’s not like you can get a tape measure or complete a questionnaire to tell you if what you’re doing is right This was the first song I had written since I had moved to London. I remember feeling quite alone when writing it, and just really unsure about all the decisions I had made up until that point.”

“I had just broken up with a long term girlfriend who I had partly moved to London to be with, and I had just begun seeing someone who told me she only wanted a casual type of thing going. I remember feeling like everyone I had known always seemed to doubt love in some way, and I wrote the lyrics to this song with that in mind. I was unsure of what the future held for me, and I felt like singing this song was quite cathartic, at least it screamed out that I wanted certainty in my life and answers!” ‘How Can You Tell If You Love Her’ is a piece which is telling of John as an artist, beautifly tender, personal lyrics written in the framework of a jolly ditty. 

The video was done by the Bristol-based power duo Marie Dutton and Benjamin Saunders. It was shot near where John grew up in the model village of Bournville in Birmingham which was originally designed for Cadbury’s workers. “We thought it’d be sweet to do it there, quite literally, as I grew up nearby and so it felt very much like I was ‘coming home’ in a way. We could smell chocolate whilst we filmed as the Cadbury factory is directly opposite, so it was a pleasure for the senses making this video – and I hope it’s a pleasure for yours too!”

John’s single comes alongside the announcement of his debut album – Myrtle Soup – an exploration of love and identity, diffused within the difficult and lonely period of writing during lockdown, packaged together as a homely bowl of soup. “What’s more soothing and reassuring than a homemade bowl of soup!? I want people to play this record and enjoy my homemade sounds with a nice calm sigh!”

“I wanted to name the mini-album something that would reflect my whole writing and recording process. In lockdown, writing and recording from home was amplified even more – just doing everything at home was the only thing you could do. Before I would write and record, then leave my house and go have fun. It was obviously quite a distressing time for everyone, and so I wanted a name that was homely but also soothing and reassuring.”

Artwork by Caio Wheelhouse


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