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James Johnston / Steve Gullick Release New Album “We Travel Time” Out Now via God Unknown Records – Album Feature | Gavin Brown

April 16, 2021
James Johnston Steve Gullick

James Johnston/Steve Gullick 

We Travel Time  Album Out Now

James Johnston and Steve Gullick have been longtime collaborators and having previously made music as ‘…bender‘, they have once again joined forces for We Travel Time, an album that sees the duo make a heartfelt and passionate record, one that is both pained but seemingly ultimately hopeful. 

The pair have a storied musical past, Johnston founded Gallon Drunk and has worked with PJ Harvey and Lydia Lunch and was part of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds while Gullick is a renowned music photographer and has played guitar on tour with Mark Lanegan, now they have come together on We Travel Time, a record that has a strong visual element to its music, which is true to form for both artists. Johnston and Gullick draw from their experience to make a deeply personal record and one that resonates deeply, with both never giving less than their all throughout. 

Track Listing:

  1. First Light
  2. Blue Rider
  3. Seven Seas
  4. Poised To Fail
  5. When I’m Down
  6. Stormy Sea
  7. Big Star Falls
  8. John
  9. Idiot Moon
  10. Swing Me
  11. We Sail
  12. We Travel Time

From the stirring instrumental opening track First Light all the way through to the self-titled album closer, this is an album that sees both artists’ musical emotions laid bare in a gripping collection of songs that will keep you compelled from start to finish. Tracks like the haunting Blue Rider, the emotional Poised To Fall, the sublime beauty of John and the stirring Big Star Falls are all indications of the quality on offer on We Travel Time and give a great insight into the music of James Johnston and Steve Gullick as the standout tracks; but the album as a whole must be listened to intently as it is both intense and passionate from start to finish. Taking in every nuance and detail is the only way to truly absorb this artistry. 

There is a strong orchestral vibe throughout that resonates the emotions going from thrilling highs to crashing lows with gentle interludes in between, all adding to a thorough listening experience. 

We Travel Time is a stirring and compelling listen and James Johnston and Steve Gullick should rightly be proud of it as it will stand the test of time as another high point in both artists’ impressive musical resumes. 

We Travel Time was released 26th February and is available now via God Unknown Records

Words: Gavin Brown

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