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Introducing Century Egg – New Single “Do You Want To Dance?” Released + New EP “Little Piece of Hair” due May 7th via Forward Music Group

April 10, 2021
Century Egg

Century Egg

Share new single, “Do You Want To Dance?”

New EP: Little Piece of Hair – May 7, 2021
via Forward Music Group


Century Egg is a band of escape artists. On their debut EP for Forward Music GroupLittle Piece of Hair, set for release on May 7, 2021, the Halifax four-piece blaze through basement pop jams carefully crafted with the desire to move, to dance, and be free of our walls and our traumas. In line with announcing the new EP, the group is today sharing their fizzing new single, “Do You Want To Dance?” – listen to the new single here.

Coming hot on the heels of their recent collaboration with Debaser’s Mood Ring (“The world’s tiniest and most introspective music recommendation engine”) and the We Can Play EPLittle Piece of Hair is the band’s loudest, clearest mission statement to date marking another exciting addition to Forward Music’s recent run of releases alongside Wolf Castle and Paper Beat Scissors. Boasting a new rhythm section of bassist, Matty Grace and Meg Yoshida on drums, Century Egg is a band reborn whilst still incorporating the dance-punk bliss of previous Egg outings, only bolder, brighter, and harder-hitting.

This first single, “Do You Want To Dance?” really underpins the new direction and sonic approach for Century Egg. Blistering guitars reminiscent of The Stooges and Thin Lizzy swirl around as the band cement the foundations for what is intended to be a moment of pure celebration and joy with Little Piece of Hair. Guitarist, Robert Drisdelle, lays waste to his guitar whilst vocalist, Shane Keyu Song, delivering vocals in both Chinese and English, provides an alternative world to escape to.

Do You Want To Dance?” brings this insatiable gritty bass tone running amock with a plethora of devious notes, the best of this vibrant and shimmering guitar tone, mighty hooks, dedicated beats destined to make you move, and elevated vocal harmonies. The new single from Century Egg will move you, there’s no doubt about it, this infectious energy runs wild throughout the rhythmic ensemble. Raw tonality and a thick soundscape, these fun scales provide rich break-downs and deliver great transitions within this fierce release.

The outfit carefully controls their tempo, dynamic time signatures, and their impressive intensity all whilst captivating your full attention plus when you hear the fierce drum fills this will leave you in awe. This is an exploration that provides unpredictable chaos and high reaching melodies, the energy captured in just shy of 3 minutes showcases the promising power of this outfit. This single release solidifies your introduction to your new favorite outfit. Century Egg injects their vision with this essence of freedom, fun, and a reason to enjoy the moment.

These are songs about finding yourself,” says the band of the new EP, “understanding your value in the present and celebrating the changes life delivers. This is a collection of songs about dancing and being free and rediscovering the joy in music and our lives, despite the shells around us. Century Egg makes music to remind you to be free.”

Little Piece of Hair will be released May 7, 2021, via Forward Music Group – preorder here.

Century Egg
Little Piece of Hair EP
May 7, 2021
via Forward Music Group

1. Do You Want To Dance?
2. I Will Make Up A Method
3. Ring A Bell
4. Little Piece of Hair
5. Riddle To Place
6. Cornered

Forward Music Group

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