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GLAARE Set To Release New Album “Your Hellbound Heart” via Weyrd Son Records 30th April | EXCLUSIVE ALBUM PREMIERE

April 28, 2021

GLAARE Set To Release New Album “Your Hellbound Heart” via Weyrd Son Records 30th April


April 30th 2021 will see the official new album release from GLAARE. The blazing post-punk band from Los Angeles will release their new 8 Track album “Your Hellbound Heart” via Weyrd Son Records.

The forthcoming album “Your Hellbound Heart” is described as the following.. just like the book it’s named after, is the embodiment of pleasure granted to someone after a time of extreme torture. Its relation to the 80s classic movie Helllraiser, as well as countless other nostalgic stories involving familiar metaphors of life journeys, is most certainly not by accident either. Don’t be fooled by its synth heavy dance introduction. Behind the relentless party your face off, drive faster ‘till you crash tracks is anything but a story about a good time. This album is the perfect representation of what would have been running through Sarah Conner’s head while she did chin-ups in the looney bin. Waiting for the day that she gets her revenge on a world that’s gaslighting her. In fact, one of the songs is none other than “T2”in honor of the apocalyptic cautionary tale.The process for these California natives has always been no process at all. They firmly believe in letting the album write itself and just submit to what it wants as though it is an entity in and of itself that demands from its members the way a dictator would. If their first album To Deaf and Day was the aftermath of when your heart breaks, then its successor is the aftermath of when your mind breaks 

Founding members Brandon (Ancestors, Buried at Sea, Black Mare, Soft Kill) and Rachael, an experienced vocalist who spent her formative years demoing pop songs for major labels, form the central songwriting core. They are joined by Rex (Black Math Horseman, Animato) and Marisa (Wax Idols, Bizou) on guitar, bass, synth, percussion and backing vocals.

Your Hellbound Heart Track Listing

  1. Young Hell
  2. For Sale
  3. Terminator 2
  4. Buyer’s Remorse
  5. Divine Excess
  6. Mirrors
  7. 2 Cents
  8. Your Hellbound Heart

The astounding new album will shake you to your core. This 8 track album will prove how unstoppable GLAARE are. Each immersive release that fills the album showcases this broad range of intoxicating soundscapes. All delivering this sonic structure built from silence and soon standing tall and superior. This album captures some of the most impressive hard-hitting beats, immersive rhythms, and this blazing intensity.

We are honoured to share the album streaming in its entirety, ahead of the official release day Friday 30th April. Listen in full below:

The album opener and previously released single “Young Hell” initiates this powerful record. This escalating aura commences the arrangement’s proceedings and launches this initial ominous feel to the track whilst the introduction to the ethereal vocals join the mix and dazzle. The vocal notes can be compared to the likes of Keep Shelly in Athens, Kate Bush and Hayley Mary. The vocals keep you captivated throughout the fierce release, the harmonies are destined to mesmerize as they elegantly glide above the chaotic and climatic soundscape.

“Young Hell” captures this momentous melody focussing at its core, this driving bold beat. The melody plays havoc on the listeners’ senses and cultivates its own mood into their world. “Young Hell” is simply one of the most immersive single releases of our time, just imagine what the album will convey if the lead single is this strong. As the ensemble gains traction, you’re faced with this particular sonic flavour that embraces new-wave whilst wrestling with a contemporary experimental wrench. This creation is unruly, intoxicating, and desirable. The ethereal vocal notes mixed with this crushing sound space and urgent appeal. This beat surrounds you as the provocative tendencies then show their face. That’s just the opener, as we await the flow of the rest of the album we know we’re about to join one of the most powerful rides yet.

For Sale” follows and this mighty drum beat covers this impressive ground whilst the gritty bass notes fluctuate against the prominent hits. A sharper more expressive riff emerges and brings in the captivating vocal notes into the vision. With this release, their most recent single release from the album, GLAARE manipulates the intensity throughout keeping the audience on their toes. By fluctuating the invasive structure allows Rachael the space and opportunity to raise their flawless vocal harmonies to new depths and control the level of sensitivity as the notes weave through the ample landscape and soar above the synth notes. This is the more brooding, intimate affair from the outfit where the vocals skillfully layer the landscape alongside the instrumentation.

Terminator 2″ focuses on the variation in industrial tweaks and tones joining the chaotic yet compelling atmosphere. We find this targeted darkness becoming the critical hook for this release. The melody melts the abrasiveness and forms a softer, personal attribute to the rasping nature of this ensemble. The guitar flirts above the chaos and injects these essential addictive tweaks which provide such an alluring hook to the overall orchestration.

Buyers Remorse” brings a more refreshing ambiance into the flow of this album. Breaking up the severity that came before with this influx of brighter, more contemporary synth waves that end up emitting an urgency into the creation. Whereas “Divine Excess” resonates with this 80s Esque drum beat and colliding electronic elements. This compelling mainstream rhythm becomes this mesmerizing pop infliction and the tone dazzles. This is the track that offers another level of complexity by the dual-vocals. The baritone vocal harmonies lifting the, at times, soprano range even further into this center of this creation.

Mirrors” meanders this warbling vintage synth sound and pans this percussive build-up left, right, center, left, right, center. The build-up of this ensemble will send chills. The vocals join with a specific filter to their flow, GLAARE perfect their ability to manipulate their emotion, manipulate their sound. This release oozes emotive intensity as the outfit continues to fall back on the hypnotizing synth lines whilst the vocal notes offer this serene and softer touch, until the unpredictable flair of GLAARE resurrects itself to hurtle the harmony at warp speed back with the ultimate punch. Towards the finale of this release, the power multiplies and this destructive chaos conquers. 2 cents” welcomes this dreamy outlook in the building rhythms and soaring vocal harmonies before the experimental break downs add this extra value to the release. Showcasing the musicians’ ability to tie in this abrupt inferno of brutalist elements and fierce transitions.

Finally the album ends on the album title-track “Your Hellbound Heart“. This fearless release adds this sudden infliction of affection at the core of the release. Simplification shines as the most minimalist piece on the album turns to emotional singing, tender tones and a sense of fragility. GLAARE have proved they can offer it all, be it the heavier and more aggressive arrangements to the softer, intimate instrumentation. The album ends on honesty. Honest lyrics and honest harmonies against this organic backdrop of ominous elongated notes. The stark contrast between the track before to the closing track will leave you in awe.

This is GLAARE at their very best, crafting elements of obscurity with accessibility, emotionally enriched lines with the expressive environment. In its entirety, “Your Hellbound Heart delivers this primitive collection of colossal compositions, 8 bold turbulent tracks. GLAARE awaken their audience’s senses, their specific tone and the direction of their power causes such stirring motions with any listener. This outfit can alter the mood of their audience through their innovative orchestrations. This outfit has captured this sonically charged sound, flirting between gothic passages to impulsive disco-beat driven themes. GLAARE have defined their own sound and more importantly their own path, they look to their influences of post-punk, disco and industrial and they use that connection to form something they can call their own. Exhilarating.

Pre-order the album here:




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