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Freyja Elsy Set To Release Debut Single ‘Lungs’ Friday 23rd April 2021 | Single Review

April 17, 2021
Artwork created in collaboration with Ed Townend

Freyja Elsy Set To Release Debut Single ‘Lungs’ Friday 23rd April 2021

Freyja Elsy is an independent singer songwriter and composer with a nomadic past and a sound that pushes into the future. Creating songs with a keen ear whilst pursuing music education, she found herself within the vibrant, engaging Cardiff scene. Through both outside musical influence and internal personal conflict she started to establish a clear identity, forging a path forward to create ‘Lungs’, her first single which is due for release 23rd April.

The forthcoming new single is described as the following.. Based around very real, very intimate voice recordings, ‘Lungs’ starts small and reserved, fragile in its form and structure. The track slowly unfolds and develops into rising crescendos alongside uncompromising percussion. A mixture of glitchy synthesisers and rising strings interweave around Elsy’s voice, which sits unwavering and steadfast. Her bold lyrics are strong in the face of a contrasting anguish found in the recordings nestled within the music.  

This absolutely raw, intimate soundbite commences the powerful journey of “Lungs“. Trust us, you won’t be the same after hearing such a heartfelt creation. The personal touch to add this soundbite and manipulate that recording throughout the ensemble adds this affective and absolutely harrowing texture to the arrangement. The sample brings with it a form of warmth that emits from the lo-fi recording atmosphere, this is the warmth we need to find comfort in. The fragile lyrics then open up the immediate intimacy of this insightful yet stirring track.

Freyja Elsy builds this soft electronic landscape that intensifies with the additional beats and whirling tones that assist with pushing the direction and complexity. Freyja embraces internal honesty against a seemingly organic electro structure that later gravitates towards this touching finale, the heightened crescendo which picks up speed and power ultimately alludes to a cathartic realization. The final words to complete the single repeat the reflective impelling notion that went before but the sincerity and the ferocity that faces the expressive piece seem to bring in this raw recognition. The vocal notes add such a meaningful melodic touch to the piece.

To deliver such intense lyrical passages solidifies this fearless nature from an artist who we can easily class as essential. To lace the words with this harmonious vocal tone that brings with it a wealth of emotion, that cutting attribute to align both lyric and tone with this stirring connection that attaches to the audience- what a remarkable talent. This is a deeply personal arrangement that captures a lonesome time where you have no choice but to embrace the unknown and look ahead once you’re in the mindset to do so. The honesty of this artist allows Freya Elsy to effortlessly connect to their listeners, to let their audience look within, reflect where necessary, and then fearlessly accept to take that next step. This composer has carefully crafted this orchestration which subtly showcases a form of empowerment- an impressive and compelling element to their work. We are in awe, we need to immerse ourselves into more moving music from Elsy.

With other musical endeavours in the form of collaborations within the band Blue Amber, alongside orchestral compositions performed by members of the BBC National Orchestra of Wales and thematic interludes created for commercial use – this single is her first, strikeout release and sets the course for a prolific career ahead.

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