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Dot.s Release Double A-Side “DIPTYCH”- Discover New Tracks “Cardboard Queen” and “Glossy”- Out Now via Rose Parade Recording Co. | Single Feature

April 22, 2021


Discover New Tracks “Cardboard Queen” and “Glossy”- Out Now via Rose Parade Recording Co.

We are in awe regarding the number of incredible artists that Rose Parade Recording Co. are introducing us to right now. Atlanta-based electronic pop outfit Dot.s have unveiled a special double A-side release which came to light April 21st and is streaming everywhere now.

Already garnering a strong buzz in their hometown of Atlanta, Georgia (USA), five-piece Dot.s aim to make their mark on the UK electro-pop scene and their latest effort will propel Dot.s to your attention and will soon become one of your most listened to releases of 2021.

Already spanning a discography of three LP’s in five years, and a fourth album in the pipeline, the incredibly prolific Dot.s continue to push the electronic, psych and indie soundscapes of forefathers MGMT and Tame Impala into new territory. Their goal with this double A-side is to push their concept of dance music far from where it comfortably rests in its current iteration. Dot.s pride themselves in an obsessive and meticulous care over their sonic palette.

Frontman Ryan James uses heavy repetition, both lyrically and melodically, in his song-writing as a tool to build a sonic world which can be likened to Omni and Reptar. Excited by the idea of layering and weaving psychedelic instrumentation, Dot.s used the approach of diptychs from the world of visual art as the main inspiration for the concept of Cardboard Queen and Glossy.

Cardboard Queen

Cardboard Queen immediately showcases this hypnotizing attribute found in the electronic elements that start swirling through the expansive atmosphere that Dot.s have crafted. Uniting the synth waves and layered loops with delicate guitar notes expressing their resonating strings within the aura and later joined by the ethereal vocal notes, every force within this outfit provides such compelling depth to their vision. This ensemble delivers complex rhythms, rich textures, and a very moving deliverance with the execution of Ryan’s vocals, this wispy, sultry vocal harmony accompanies the jagged notes that dazzle throughout. The production of this release seemingly brings this futurist pop feel infused with distinct vibrant vintage warmth. A contemporary dreamy ensemble with addictive qualities and a vast world to immerse within.


The impressive single is just the first taste into the adventurous and infectious creations that Dot.s invent. The act has also released their new track Glossy .

Glossy has a dramatically slower tempo than its counterpart, but once again commences with an instant hurl into this capacious composition. With Glossy you embrace the prominent surface noise, the softer chimes that pierce through the experimental sea of manipulated electronic elements that carve the compelling structure of this creation. It’s a slower yet more intimate arrangement, the energy still prominent throughout but focusing on the more subtle tones. Lyrically this release just pulls you in as you soak up all of the charms from the singer who soars above the budding instrumentation. With this release, Dot.s deliver unexpected pop moments in this captivating landscape which is resplendent with melodic hooks, fresh lyrical finery, and diverse electronica.

Previously supporting the likes of TEMPLES and gracing the offices of Paste Magazine for a live session, the band are gearing up for an exciting few months ahead and we can’t wait to discover more from this vital outfit.

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