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Breathe Panel Return With New Single ‘Spring’ via FatCat Records

April 21, 2021
 by Julia Nala

Breathe Panel Return With New Single ‘Spring’ via FatCat Records

With members divided between London and Brighton, Breathe Panel come together to produce music that is as effortless as their name suggests. Today, the band have shared new single ‘Spring’, their first offering since 2018’s self-titled debut, via FatCat Records.

Recorded live to tape by esteemed producer Ali Chant (Aldous Harding, PJ Harvey, Katy J Pearson), ‘Spring’ is a laid-back, spacious affair in which wandering guitars lines and warm vocals weave around each other with impressive ease. Recording in this way enabled the band to focus more on the music’s feeling than hitting every note perfectly, allowing for more space and cleaner tones than on their previous release. “It was cool to just lay our cards out and make everything as pure as possible” says frontman Nick Green.

‘Spring’ was originally written a couple of years back when the band were in the final stages of putting together their first album. Despite not being finished in time, ‘Spring’ became a regular feature of the bands live set, where it went on to mature and develop with each performance. Aside from the obvious connotations of the changing seasons, the single was originally about a blossoming relationship. “As time passed and we began to understand it differently,” explains guitarist Josh. “We came to realise it was more of a simple idea about things being transient and trying to find a way to celebrate that and look back on things that aren’t in your life any more with a nice feeling”.   

Hit repeat on this. Such an immersive creation with intoxicating ripples that run through. There’s such a vibrance emiting from the tone and the tender beats, the vocal notes provide this comfort to the release and it’s so easy to fall into a swaying pattern whilst this release pulls you into it’s reflective aura.

For a band who are at their most comfortable writing songs together in a living room, swapping drum kits for cushions, it’s unsurprising that the music Breathe Panel produce is as rejuvenating to listen to as it is for them to produce. Calling to mind the warm 90’s indie-rock of bands like Acetone and The Sea and Cake, Breathe Panel is here to soothe the collective soul in 2021.

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