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Zouj Releases New Single & Video For “j0_0j” | Single Feature

March 3, 2021
Jamal Cazare 

Zouj Releases New Single & Video For “j0_0j”

Introduce yourselves to the captivating and expressive artist, Zouj.

Zouj is an outfit we know you are destined to hear more from. Zouj is the Leipzig based solo project of French/Morrocan/American producer Adam Abdelkader Lenox, a name you may be familiar with due to Adam’s work within Lingua Nada. Now, Adam has stepped out solo and has joined the City Slang Family.

Today, Zouj reveals their new animated video for new track“j0_0j”, in which Zouj collaborated with Franz Impler, a 3D artist and animation filmmaker based in Leipzig, Germany. Franz captures the insanity of Zouj perfectly. Two creative talents joining forces for a must-watch film, watch below.

Video / 3D World and design by Franz Impler

This decadent scale of off-kilter motions from the electronic beats initiates the explorations adventure. Immediately hooked, the first wave of components skip one beat and offer perfection within imperfection. This is crucial to Zouj’s creative outlook. The manipulated vocals join the crushing atmosphere and swoop into focus, here the vocals play against the composer fusing higher-pitched notes with the brooding accent that emerges, each contrasting tone fights against the complex soundscape.

As the composition fires up to the finale, the fitting crescendo intensifies as each experimental incline and each pushed element creates something invasive yet innovative. This full-bodied ensemble develops with the audience at the center, the ferocious melodies engulf the listener until the sudden break of intensity for the fade-out.

Zouj is without a doubt unequivocally unique. The new track showcases the ambition that Zouj carries with them, crafting instrumentations that detail such perplexity. Layers and layers of complex electronics, imaginative lyrics and at its core, soul. Zouj has developed this immersive atmosphere built on this synthetic structure which still emits a personal touch.

Of the single release, Adam Abdelkader Lenox explains “ The absurd smiley “j0_0j” is translatable to “Jouj” which means “two” in moroccan arabic. Which gave me the name of Zouj which also means “two” in moroccan arabic but with a different dialect.

Through the song a up pitched alter ego keeps saying “jouj, jouj”. It was inspired by a moroccan tape from the 90s called “Wahid Junior”, where a severely autotuned child voice is the lead singer.


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