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Timelost New Album “Gushing Interest” – Out Now via Church Road Records Album Feature | Gavin Brown

March 26, 2021


Gushing Interest 

With their newest album Gushing Interest, Timelost follow up their 2019 debut album Don’t Remember Me From This with another collection of songs that combines elements of alternative rock, shoegaze, psychedelia and grunge (the band style their music as grunge gaze which is an alt description) to create a cacophony of noise and melodic sounds and the results sound even more triumphant than that debut offering. 

Opening track Better Than Bedbugs is an uplifting way to start this release off and comes across like a more psychedelic version of something from Weezer’s first album and gets things off to a flying start. The following track Deep End Of The Cut follows a heavier and more downbeat path and changes pace a little but this track is just as compelling and offers another side of the music of Timelost while the rhythms of Alone, Clean And Slow tap into a more upbeat vibe with a crunching guitar riff and pounding drumbeat driving things forward with aplomb. 

The vast Your Ghost Will Be Happy is up next and this track feels surprisingly epic for a song that is only three minutes in length, its huge sound and ideas making it feel like a longer song and that is not meant in a derivative fashion, quite the opposite as it sounds massive and anthemic especially when the shimmering guitar flourishes come into play and acts as the centerpiece of Gushing Interest. The album ends with the reflective T.K.O and a cover of Love my Way by The Psychedelic Furs which the band put their own stamp on and is a great way to finish things off. 

With Gushing Interest, Timelost have made advances with their music and the band sound very comfortable in doing so which adds up to a very pleasurable listening experience and this is a band who will make a lot of noise in the future, with this being the next important part in the continuation of their musical journey. 



Words: Gavin Brown

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