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The Joy Formidable Share New Single “Into The Blue”

March 30, 2021
 Photo credit: The Joy Formidable

The Joy Formidable Share New Single “Into The Blue”

The Joy Formidable are sharing a brand-new single, “Into The Blue”. It is the band’s first new material since their kaleidoscopic 2018 album AAARTH. It was given its first play on BBC 6 Music by Huw Stephens, sitting in for Marc Riley, calling their new offering “as confident and impressive as ever.”

Written in North Wales and later completed at their homes in Utah, “Into The Blue” arrives self-assured and forthright, in a world still trying to regain its footing, stalked by the specters of manipulation, mis-information, and trepidation.

For The Joy Formidable, “Into The Blue” has come to symbolize a period in which anything felt possible. The world stands in a fine balancing act where no bad deed can shock anymore, yet good things can still happen. It is this second side of the coin that brings a resilient, more ethereal quality and magic to “Into The Blue”, as the band embraces a growth mindset, leaning into the idea that uncertainty needn’t be something to fear. As lead singer and guitarist Ritzy Bryan sings “You see me for what I am, I don’t have to guess any more”, a great strength is found in turning feelings of being unaccepted and misunderstood into self-love and connection. We find them abandoning the idea of safety and security from the wider world, and instead searching for it within, happy to be surprised by life again.

Bryan comments: “Into The Blue is about surrendering to love and magic. Having the courage to enjoy a new journey and the mystery and excitement of something unexpected. It’s about opening your eyes to beauty and love again. Making it to the other side. Whilst not conceived as a metaphor for the times we all live in now, it certainly turned out that way.”

Of the video, Bryan continues: “I am always daydreaming in the bathtub between recordings. That diffuse thinking where your mind wanders freely – I always finish songs when I’m in that state. The idea that your imagination, that escape into another, deeper world can sometimes create a stronger connection with yourself.”

The new single solidifies this fierce return to form. A new release which will captivate you from the moment the atmosphere opens and welcomes you in. The Joy Formidable have created this complex and moody environment with the brooding vocal harmonies that delicately hold their own whilst the intensity and the surging guitar riffs devour the track. The Joy Formidable consistently create these vast and compelling pieces which are hard hitting, large scaled and simply powerful. With their new single once again substantial is the path their sound emits successfully, this time churning these darker attributes and a more moody appeal. The new single release is nothing short of hypnotising. You find yourself at the core of this release and this 5 minute length time isn’t enough to be in the midst of this soundscape, the aura is mighty so hit repeat and take it all in.


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