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Sunnbrella Releases New Single ‘Lost & Found’ via Permanent Creeps Records

March 6, 2021
Photo Credit: Akira Trees

Sunnbrella releases new single ‘Lost & Found’ via Permanent Creeps Records

Sunnbrella – the solo act from London based artist David Zbirka ​- reveals new single ‘​Lost & Found​’ today via tastemaker label Permanent Creeps Records (BdrmmOn VideoGaygirlItalia 90).

With a musical sensibility akin to bringing daydreams into focus, ​Sunnbrella ​creates sun-bleached, shoegazing indie rock, as diverse in its sonic palette as it is rich in emotive sentiment. Channelling ​inspiration from the works of Alex G​, Elliott Smith and early 00’s hip-hop​, ‘​Lost & Found’ ​is a mood-swung upbeat downer about searching for a meaningful connection in a world of temporary pleasures and instant gratification. The song gives an overarching sense of intimacy and fragility, presented through David’s almost whisper close vocal performance, wrapped around euphoric guitars, powerfully punchy bass grooves and cold, heavily processed beats.

The themes being tackled unveiled themselves throughout the writing process – as ​David ​explains: “I often don’t know what the message of a song is when I’m writing it. Sometimes the lyrics are completed before I understand what the song is about; It’s only after gradually piecing the words together that the meaning becomes clear to me. So in a weird way, I have to interpret my own words, but there’s room for completely different interpretations by the listeners. Maybe they’d understand the lyrics better than I do”

The accompanying music video was directed by up-and-coming photographer & filmmaker, Arnaud Lin ​and edited by ​Lorna Searl at TrimEditing​. Taking inspiration from Mumblecore cinema, ​Clerks​, ​The Pharcyde’s ​promotional video for their single “​Drop​”, as well as ​‘Lone Ranger’ ​– a 1960s art-house short featuring Pete Townshend ​– the video pushes against the tone of the song itself by not taking itself too seriously, injecting some lightness and humour into the melancholy.

Sunnbrella captivates with this delicate yet grungey ensemble, capturing this melancholy with the tender lyrics and harmonies against the powerful chords that move this arrangement. When the instrumentation gathers this forcible push, the power adds to the immersive impression of this artist providing a real essential attachment. This composition is dangerously infectious.

Sunnbrella has crafted this intimate exploration with their vocal tones at the center of the intoxicating composition. You follow the lyrics and fall into this raw atmosphere.

Sunnbrella began life as little more than a lo-fi bedroom project, initially garnering attention after releasing the single ​‘Feelin’ Invisible’ ​– produced by LA-based musician ​Eydress (Lex Records) and soon followed up the release with debut EP ​‘Wanted Time’ ​in early 2019.

Having spent much of 2019 in Australia and New Zealand drumming for new ​Gabriel Winterfield ​(​Jagwar Ma​) project ​Golf Alpha Bravo​, supporting ​Dope Lemon​ on their sold-out tour, songwriter ​David Zbirka returned home to work on new ​Sunnbrella​ music alongside London-based producer Patrick James Fitzroy (PixxHeavy Heart), with an ambition of taking the project out of the bedroom-pop realm into a punchier, more refined sound.

That year also saw the band’s debut festival appearance at ​Standon Calling Festival​, as well as support slots with ​Permanent Creeps Records​ alumni ​Bdrmm​, not to mention ​GHUM​, ​Vacations​ and ​Baywaves​.

These early releases and shows caught the attention of ​Permanent Creeps Records​, who in ​2020 ​released ​‘It’s Cool’, which received radio play from ​BBC 6 Music’s Steve Lamacq​, ​Amazing Radio’s Charlie Ashcroft ​and ​Jess Iszatt ​on ​BBC Introducing ​as well as playlisting by ​TIDAL ​and an appearance on the ​Spotify Fresh Finds​ editorial playlist.

Recorded mostly over lockdown, partly at home and at ​Abbey Road Studios​, ‘Lost & Found​’ was written together with ​Sam Shepherd ​- indie musician and former ​Sunnbrella ​live guitarist – co-produced and mixed by ​Patrick James Fitzroy, and mastered by ​Christian Wright​ (​Radiohead​, ​Bjork​, ​Soft Hair​) at ​Abbey Road Studios​.

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