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STONE Share New Single “Fuse”- Out Now

March 11, 2021
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Liverpool band STONE make their mark with new single ‘Fuse’, a loud and propulsive anthem that captures the clash between internal frustrations and the banality of current life. Like many new young bands, STONE’s introduction to the scene has been less than conventional. Dropping their first track ‘Leave It Out’ shortly before national lockdown, STONE’s rite-of-passage experience of playing live shows was cut short. As a result, ‘Fuse’ emerges directly from the sense of stagnancy and restlessness felt by a youth that’s currently devoid of an outlet. Introspective, belligerent and optimistically cathartic – the track is filtered through frontman Fin Power’s stream-of-consciousness style lyrics, and in their words, “staple Scouse delivery.”

It’s such a direct and raucous effort that attacks your world the second you hit play. Capturing the angst, attitude, and character of this compelling outfit. Perfecting these angular attributes that add depth to their raw vision.

STONE reflects; “Lyrically, ‘Fuse’ was written about being frustrated with our everyday reality. The verses of the songs provide a contrast between the vernacular, everyday activities that would otherwise come off as benign i.e. buying a scratch-off and a pint of milk and Fin’s turbulent inner monologue, both of which exasperated by the transition from adolescence to manhood, the isolation of living alone and especially during the COVID era. The internal struggle between apathy (‘I don’t care’) and aspiration (‘long live the rebellion of punk rock’). The angst that builds from this isolated time all set to a fast paced, upbeat song that we hope ultimately lends a sense of optimism.”

STONE are Fin Power (vocals/guitar), Sarah Surrage (bass), Elliot Gill (lead guitar) and Alex Smith (drums). In true Gen Z fashion, STONE are a diffusion of the limitless cultures and subcultures they’ve had access to growing up in the digital age. In keeping with the idea of ‘punk’ being more an ethos than any one genre or scene – the band cite inspiration everywhere from IDLES and Sonic Youth to The Streets and AJ Tracey, with Mike Skinner’s spoken-word style being Fin’s primary lyrical inspiration.Through their music, the band hope to capture the dizzying experience of youth culture in Liverpool and the paradox of their own young adulthood as they navigate the limbo between youth and maturity. “The common similarities in the songs we are putting out are all capturing a time in our lives of being 20-somethings working shit out – the purgatory of too old to be a kid but too young to be a proper functioning adult. We’re also speaking to the strange, sensational and relentlessly documented time we live in and the generational anxiety we all feel from the uncertainty of the world we’re growing into.” 

Despite the lack of live opportunities, their track releases so far have seen STONE quickly build a name for themselves in the North West scene. Having champions already in the likes of Jack Saunders, who named ‘Leave it Out’ his ‘Next Wave’ track on BBC Radio 1’s Indie Show, ‘Fuse’ should see them strike a nerve on a more national scale. With a sound that is undeniably ready-made for a crowded room, STONE hope their next offerings will bring some release in the wait for normality. “We see this band and our music as an outlet for our emotion: not just the confusion, frustration, and occasional angst, but also a reminder of the little bits of optimism life can throw at you. We hope people can relate to some of the catharsis we get from this, and that we can portray it more fully when live gigs finally return.” 

Stream ‘Fuse’ on all platforms here:

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