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Rose City Band Shares New Single “Silver Roses” – New Album “Earth Trip” Out On New Release Date of June 25th

March 17, 2021
Ripley Johnson (Rose City Band) by the artist

Rose City Band (Ripley Johnson of Wooden Shjips) shares elegaic, introspective new single “Silver Roses”

New album Earth Trip due out June 25th

Following the recent announcement of his new album Earth Trip as Rose City Band, due out June 25th, guitarist Ripley Johnson has shared the album’s elegiac opener “Silver Roses”. Setting an introspective tone for the record, Johnson here colors Rose City Band’s country-rock twang with a wistful, melancholic undertone. Forced to cancel extensive touring plans for 2020 with his bands Wooden Shjips and Moon Duo in the middle of a European run of shows, quite literally “called down off the road” as Johnson pines in the track, “Silver Roses” grapples with the sudden shocks and drastic lifestyle changes brought on by 2020. It balances feelings of sorrow and loneliness with a newfound sense of space and stillness, Johnson reconnecting with the simple joys of home life and time spent in nature.

Johnson’s laid-back and classically West Coast songs as Rose City Band communicate emotions entirely of the moment with both his lyrics, intimate vocal style as well as his elegant elongated guitar lines and astute use of counter-melodies on the pedal steel. Earth Trip investigates our interconnectedness with the environment, expanding on a long country music tradition that draws a symbiotic relationship between storyteller and the land, celebrating the beauty of the natural world without forgetting our responsibility to preserve it for future generations. It cements Johnson’s place as a musician and songwriter of inimitable skill.

Earth Trip’s first LP pressing will include deluxe die-cut windowed packaging with 4-color printing on both the outside and inside of the jacket, also with fully artworked heavy-weight cardstock printed inner sleeve and limited color variants. Limited packages include special Rose City Band totes, rolling papers, and stickers.

Another sublime creation. The flow meanders through this embracive exploration laced with country tendencies and fused with experimental psychedelic influences whilst emitting this calming caution. Rose City Band creates these intoxicating landscapes, this world filled with an entirely new light. You want to be in the world Rose City Band develops and constructs, the reflective lyrics move you on this adventure. Rose City Band carefully crafts this ambitious landscape reflecting the musical tone and this lasting momentum becomes an invigorating and essential destination.

Rose City Band has this ambitious goal to provide truly meaningful creations, ambitious effortlessly achievable. This is the record we need to lose ourselves within.

Pre-order Rose City Band’s Earth Trip:

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