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Pollena Shares Second Single “Glitter”

March 30, 2021

Ty Faruki

Pollena Shares Second Single “Glitter”

Discover Pollena. The alt-electro artist from London has just shared the anticipated follow up to single “The Pool” which gained success across various blogs and music stations.

Pollena is a vocalist and songwriter who began touring Europe in 2018/2019 with neo-soul outfit Girlhood. Throughout lockdown the artist has dedicated her time to experiementing with new songs and collaborating with rising producers. The new single “Glitter” is her second solo single and it was produced by Tom Andrews, known for his recent work with Stats/ Landromat.

The new single embraces and channels its own dreamy vibe. This ethereal creation ultimately fuses these delicate yet garish electronic elements against the sublime vocal harmonies from Pollena. The soundscape starts with an air of gentle beats before the notes develop into more biting attributes. As the soundscape then emits this complex nature, Pollena’s vocal harmonies soar above the textures and the refreshing tone delivers this feel-good calming aura.

Glitter is described as oozing dreamy optimism. A song for the moment, “It’s been so long since we’ve been allowed to get together and just let go. Glitter is sort of a memory of what that was like through a blurring lens. But it’s also a way for me to say “Just hold on”, because we’re going to get through it and it’s going to be amazing again”- Pollena.

You can certainly embrace that cathartic aspect of this elevated creation. Mitigating a peaceful movement against the brash and unpredictable structure. Pollena has certified their vision as nothing short of innovative, let this artist dazzle you.

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