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Plankton Wat – Future Times Album Review | Gavin Brown

March 4, 2021

Plankton Wat   

Future Times

Plankton Wat (the latest project from Portland’s Dewey Mahood) make music that is otherworldly and will transport your mind into another dimension with its ethereal nature. From the trippy and Eastern tinged starting notes of the opening track The Burning World, it is clear that this latest album, which is titled Future Times, is going to be an expansive musical journey and this proves to be correct as the results are nothing short of breathtaking. 

Tracks like the psychedelically sublime beauty of Modern Ruins, the more abrasive and tense Dark Cities, the wistful Teenage Daydream and the subdued Defund The Police are both wide-ranging in terms of their sounds and cinematic in their outlook which creates a vivid listening experience that is seamlessly cohesive. 

The execution and the whole album put together is packed full of vision and energy as well as a thrilling feeling of hope and a knowing nostalgic vibe, and the whole experience does make it feel like you are in a movie. 

Wind Mountain seems like the perfect choice of a track to finish things off and as the moving song commences, it does feel like the end credits of that film will start rolling, it feels nothing less than triumphant (especially when the horns signal the ending of both the track and the album) and you are left in no doubt that it has been one hell of a sonic journey. 

Future Times is an album that is aptly named as the music contained within here is so relaxed, expansive and has a strong element of a forward thinking nature, one that conjures up images of vast soundscapes, that is seems to soundtrack a certain vibe of a utopia. 

With that said, and with the chaos that has engulfed the world over the past year still going on, the blissful nature of the music of Plankton Wat and Future Times is not only a welcome distraction but a hopeful glimpse into a much more peaceful future. 

Planton Wat- Future Times released February 26th and out now via Thrill Jockey Records



Words: Gavin Brown

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