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in earnest Set To Release Double Single “your dog / good boy” Due 12th March | Single Special

March 1, 2021

in earnest Set To Release Double Single “your dog / good boy”

Due 12th March

In Earnest are set to release their new double single, 12th March. A solid return following their flawless debut EP release in Autumn of last year. The trio hailing from Southend-on-Sea will release “your dog/ good boy” this month. The outfit are fuelled by the songwriting of front-couple Sarah and Tom, supported by multi-instrumentalist Toby and united they create the most emotional and immersive compositions. Their forthcoming double single will leave you in awe.

Murph and Doug, painted by Chris Asher.




The band explain: “The first track was written while sitting on the floor with our dog Murph – it’s made up of all the questions we would ask her if she could talk. The second track is about our other dog Doug who passed away in 2019, detailing how heartbreaking it is to lose a pet.

“your dog” opens with the immediate introduction to the fragile vocal harmonies from Sarah and Tom. Focussing on this sincere lyrical touch as the orchestration devours an abundance of acoustic melodies curling around personal takes of love and heartbreak. in earnest put their efforts into their storytelling and the connection they craft. This is a track written about their pet dog and yet despite the lyrical tale, the emotional value of this release can be relayed back to anything in life, it’s a well-rounded intimate creation. To be able to capture such vulnerability into words and then equally honor that whilst performing those lines, it’s such a remarkable feat.

As the outfit perfect their ability to create brutally honest and uncompromising tracks, “good boy” follows and that captivating touch continues. “good boy” commences with the harrowing piano keys providing a journey for the complimenting vocal harmonies that soar above the resonating notes. The lyrics aid the immersive atmosphere, this track was created in tribute to Sarah and Tom’s old dog who sadly passed away a year ago. This really is a tender orchestration, you embrace the emotion, packed in the keys, the scale, and the fragile vocal notes. The songwriting captures something so sincere and the instrumentation provides the comforting bed for the singers to fall upon.

This is such an intimate release that powerfully showcases ensembles that offer painstaking truthful beauty. An expressive detailed account delivered with sublime grace and bold originality. The intimacy is mirrored within the recording process, the analogue approach elevates the warmth to the projection. With both the forthcoming release, in earnest have painted and produced the most vivid accompaniments possible.

The new release was captured live in their living room with an analogue recorder, the self-produced tracks feature delicate double vocals from
both Sarah and Tom throughout. A lockdown collaboration meant that Toby added harmonium and violin from his home.

“We recorded the songs spontaneously with Murph by our side and the dog paintings hanging next to us on the wall. We wanted the homely feel of the recordings to seep into the tracks – complete with chairs creaking and Murph’s collar jingling in the background!”

Whilst still unable to play live, in earnest are hosting private virtual Zoom gigs. More info here: inearnest.co.uk/virtual-gigs



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