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Graywave Releases New Single “Swallow” | Single Feature

March 5, 2021

Graywave Releases New Single “Swallow”- Out Now

We cannot stress enough that you need to check out the incredible talent that is Graywave. An artist that continues to deliver some of the most fierce creations.

“Swallow” is the final single to be released from Graywave’s upcoming EP ‘Planetary Shift’

With the new single, Graywave perfects this murky movement. The dark gothic attributes simply shimmer as Graywave cultivates this iconic status to their work. Using this classic industrial-esque soundscape, Graywave continues to create this deep and compelling atmosphere that provides the bed for her dramatic and intense vocal harmonies to soar between the equally fierce sound structures.

“Swallow” signifies this alt-pop anthem, capturing a destructive tone amid a theatrical deliverance, but at its core, you embrace the raw energy. Lyrically, the words resonate within your world, you can find a relation to the words and a connection to the damning aura. As we mentioned before, and something that is effortlessly flowing throughout Graywave’s work, this release captures this dynamic chaos. The fierce movement delivers this doom-laden immersive instrumentation with this pounding bold energy. The forthcoming EP is destined to blow us away, already Graywave captures this twisted imagery of reflective melancholy lifted by the melody.



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