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Yumi And The Weather Share New Live Session “Just This One Thing “Live at Small Pond |Video Exclusive + Interview Special

February 17, 2021
Emilia Cox

Yumi And The Weather Share New Live Session “Just This One Thing “Live at Small Pond

Video Exclusive + Interview Special

Back in December, Yumi And The Weather (aka Ruby Taylor) released their brand new EP titled Some Days on 4th December 2020 via Small Pond Records.

The record fills iteself with subtle nods to ethereal 80s synth-rock, 60s soul, and New Romantic pop, Some Days finds Yumi And The Weather shaking hands with the most self-assured and daring version of herself.

As soon as you embrace Yumi And The Weather‘s infectious melodies and gripping compositions, you soon become infatuated with this creative artist. The lyrics deliver such raw and honest devotion whilst the bounitful orchestrations elate the audience. Yumi And The Weather  are destined to hypnotize us, this outfit flawlessly crafts meaningful melodic creations with this addictive pull.

Prior to the release, Yumi And The Weather managed to capture some of their live sessions at Small Pond. Today, we are delighted to share the new live video of “Just This One Thing” live at Small Pond.

Just This One Thing” captures the intoxicating energy from this outfit, Ruby’s vocal delivery glides above the shuffly percussion, the beating bassline, and the entwining guitar notes to create this stunning reach and compelling momentum. You can physically see the power and charisma of the outfit ooze from the musicians into their immersive exploration. Yumi and The Weather feed this emotive exertion into their dreamy inflection and sun-kissed reverb-drenched guitar tone whilst the unmistakable vocals showcase such beauty.

Alongside the live film, we had the pleasure in chatting to Ruby to find out more about the new record, casting back to recording this live version, teaming up with Small Pond and more.

Firstly Introduce yourselves and your role within Yumi And The Weather.

Hello I am Ruby AKA Yumi, and Yumi And The Weather is my music project I started back in 2012.

We’re such fans of your work, for those that new to you- What’s the story behind the formation of your outfit, and where did the name come from?

I was dabbling on the computer making music and tried a number of styles from hip-hop instrumentals to experimental electronic kinda things, and I started writing songs which was kind of a mixture between both and wrote ‘Not Again’ that my boyfriend at the time Mark Dobson AKA Ambassadeurs helped me mix. Much to my surprise, I received great feeback after putting it out as a free download on my soundcloud and Radiohead’s lawyers got in contact with me which I thought was crazy ha ha but I got under my friend’s wing who worked at Island Records at that time, so I was concentrating on the music side and left the business side to him. We parted a few years later just before my self produced EP ‘Something Tells Me’ came out so management support has mainly come from the labels I am on, and figuring things out myself plus finding the live performers to re-create my tracks live, who have changed through the years, but has been a stroke of fate really.

The name came from hearing that the government can control the weather, and it was a conspiracy theory which turned out to be true as the chinese government have the world’s most advanced weather-modification progams. At the time off writing, I was looking for a name and as I said “Oh so the government control You, Me, and the weather” so as soon as I said “You Me and the weather”, I knew that was the one!!

Your new live session from Small Pond is out for all to see today (see above), casting back to when this was filmed- can you tell us about your time filming this session?

Filming live sessions have never been my strong point, but I was so excited to work with Small Pond because they create quality stuff and I think cause I didn’t get many opportunities to perform last year I was just so excited to perform to the band and the team!! The original version was created on a cheap yamaha keyboard (including the drums!) so it was so nice to take it to the band (Will Woodfine on drums and Anthony Keegan on bass) and make a live version of it.

“Just This One Thing” is taken from your latest EP “Some Days” – can you tell us what helped shaped this track?

The song itself was inspired by my insecurities in my relationship, and if affection is not apparent, I start to worry they don’t care…so the song was inspired by my sorrow for not getting enough affection or acknowledgement ha ha!!! Style wise, I was listening to lots of Mamman Sani at the time, and Donnie & Joe Emerson’s – Baby, so even though the song could have taken a more clear route in terms of production I kind of wanted to make it like it was from that era, and add funny keyboard sounds and melodies to make it light, and cheesy.

Your latest EP “Some Days” came out in December of 2020 on Small Pond, firstly whats the reaction of the EP been so far?

I have had lots of lovely reviews and feedback from friends and family so that’s been nice, I got it out as soon as possible because I am working on an album and felt it had to come out while the emotions of this EP were very much still alive and thought as the songs have helped me cope in these mad times, it may hopefully do the same for others.

How did your involvement with Small Pond originally come about?

I got to know the Small Pond guys through my friend and radio plugger Rosie, and she played my album to them in the office and they really dug it and wanted to work with me. It’s nice to be able to bump in to one of the team late at night whilst carrying a bag of tomatoes and jump in to a taxi with them and go to a karaoke-themed birthday bash for example, so have made some nice friends along the way too.

What does “Some Days” mean to you personally?

Some Days is an EP of strength and hope as we all just want to be happy and the forces that be we are constantly fighting for what we believe is right and it can be tiring so the song for me that inspired me finishing this collection, and where the title came from was ‘What Will Become Of The Wishing Well‘ are the lines ‘..some days will be hard, but I will wait to be sure, if anything’. Kind of sums up the overall vibe. Not over thinking the future and using the present to understand and make a difference and help create the pleasent future we want for ourselves and the future generations.

How would you describe your own sound?

I would say it is eclectic, expressive, alternative, and ethereal. I am inspired by a lot of genres so it’s hard to be contained in one genre but what keeps it consistent is my voice luckily, so people then can recognise that it’s me maybe!

How have you managed as an artist to release a new record during the current climate?

I think releasing music is hard anyway, and that isn’t really my side really – it’s the labels, but in terms of creativity and production there are different holdbacks you come across generally, but people are finding ways to go around it (like mixing through zoom for example). I have always had a DIY approach anyway so wasn’t affected production-wise as I mixed my tracks and created videos and artwork myself, and my friend who lives on my block helped shoot the video etc so I think the current climate forces people to think outside the box which is what creatives do anyway as when you want something done, you will always make it happen somehow.

How have you adapted generally as an artist throughout the last 10 months?

I don’t want to adapt to this ‘new normal’ way of thinking, and being scared of each other, but I have unfortunately adapted to less travelling and less social activities. I am finding it extremely frustrating seeing and hearing about people struggling economically, because of rules and restrictions set by our government, and I’m trying to keep positive through it all and focus on things that I can develop and create. I have used painting as a positive emotional outlet, and have been researching about Terrain Theory VS Germ Theory so I am trying to fill my time up in positive ways and ignore the mainstream fear-mongering media.

Are you working on any new material/ 2021 plans?

I am working on a second album that features some guest drummers (Leon Holder (DIRTY WHITE FEVER), Joe Caple (LIBRALIBRA) as well as my live drummer Will Woodfine. Mark Dobson who helped me mix my first EP is getting on board helping me mix a few of the songs too, and I have commisioned some of my favourite artists (Becky-Lu, Mike Howard, Katharine Cosgrove), and video makers (Alice Humphreys, Dogbrainz, Wild Stag) to help with the visual aspect of the songs too so am really going to town with this album and can’t wait to put out and showcase all of the creations!!

Where can people keep up to date with your releases?

Probably through Instagram or Facebook is the best way! Or follow through Spotify if you use it as you get notified when new releases come out which is quite handy!

Any other words

Just thank you for the support, and glad you are a fan of my work, and I hope others enjoy the EP too!

Thank you Yumi and the Weather

Be sure to stream Yumi and the Weather‘s EP in full

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