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Ya Tseen Announces Debut Record “Indian Yard” Due April 30th via Sub Pop + Shares Video For New Track “Close the Distance”

February 12, 2021
Ya Tseen photo credit Merritt Johnson


Watch Ya Tseen’s official video for “Close the Distance” from Indian Yard, the group’s Sub Pop debut

Indian Yard will be available worldwide on April 30th 2021

On April 30th 2021, Sub Pop will release Indian Yard, the debut record from Sitka, Alaska project Ya Tseen. Band founder, Nicholas Galanin, is one of the most vital voices in contemporary art. His work spans sculpture, video, installation, photography, jewellery and music; advocating for Indigenous sovereignty, racial, social and environmental justice, for present, and future generations. 

Indian Yard is a compelling document of humanity centered in an Indigenous perspective. Created by one of the world’s foremost Indigenous artists, the irrepressible Indian Yard is an intense illumination of feeling and interconnectedness.

On the groups’ debut offering, “Close the Distance”, Galanin “reflects on the universal need for connection and the expression of desire across distances. The official video, directed by Stephan Gray (Shabazz Palaces “Dawn In Luxor,” “Deesse Du Sang”), extends beyond human experience to consider physical expressions of desire in biological, mechanical, and celestial forms.” 

This intimate atmosphere envelopes and welcomes you into its immediate compelling course, these bouncing yet intricate electronic beats collide through the aura and create this vital and somewhat intoxicating tone. Then the addition of the critical vocal harmonies fill the space and captivate with the emotionally rich tones and fragile lyrics. Close the Distance embraces this rhythmic explosion, the vocals soar through the melodies and allure the audience to squeeze at the beauty of this orchestration. Ya Tseen mesmerizes with the flawless ability to harness such emotional connect with their lyrics and to proudly set the vibe of their creations. The attitude which emits, simply infectious.

Galanin began working on the record in 2017 while going back and forth between his home in Sitka and Juneau, Alaska where he was carving a totem pole. The album entwines falling in love and the birth of a child with the urgency of current social and environmental justice movements to tear down destructive systems and build anew. He shared the concepts with bandmates Zak D. Wass and Otis Calvin III and together they structured the album alongside longtime collaborator Benjamin Verdoes. Through sessions in Sitka and Seattle, a cast of brilliant friends—Shabazz Palaces, Nick Hakim, fellow Indigenous Alaskan singer and songwriter Qacung, to name a few—helped form Indian Yard into a cataract of intensely current pop wonders. 

Indian Yard is now available for preorder on CD/LP through Sub Pop. Preorders through, select independent retailers in North America, the U.K., and Europe will receive the standard LP on black vinyl.

There will also be a North American deluxe edition on clear vinyl available for preorder in the coming weeks. The deluxe packaging will include a 24-page hardcover LP-sized book with covers featuring a sci-fi landscape populated by a toddler wearing artist Merritt Johnson’s sculpture Mindset, a VR headset woven from sweetgrass. The interior art was designed by Galanin. This deluxe edition will be available while supplies last.


1. Knives (feat. Portugal. The Man)

2. Light the Torch

3. Born into Rain (feat. and tunia)

4. At Tugáni

5. Get Yourself Together

6. Close the Distance

7. We Just Sit and Smile Here in Silence

8. A Feeling Undefined (fat. Nick Hakim and Iska Dhaaf)

9. Synthetic Gods (feat. Shabazz Palaces and Stas THEE Boss)

10. Gently to the Sun (feat. Tay Sean)

11. Back in That Time (feat. Qacung)

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