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The Micro Band Release New Single “Bridge of Eden” – Out Now Via New Teeth

February 14, 2021

The Micro Band Release New Single “Bridge of Eden” – Out Now Via New Teeth

Described as staples of the Scottish festival circuit, The Micro Band are a force you need to discover. The outfit live together in Leith, Edinburgh and formed back in 2014.

The band released their new single “Bridge Of Eden“, February 12th 2021 on new Leith-based record label New Teeth. The track was written about a brain seizure in a supermarket yet the attitude is something else.

Bridge Of Eden” is the first of many singles the band plan to release throughout 2021 and was the first track to be recorded in the band’s DIY studio hidden beneath the ancient Royal Mile.

The Micro Band harness this unique energy, their power strikes through their vision and provides this impressive gravitational pull. This outfit’s ability to captivate their audience is something else, their new single will allure you and the beats will make you move.

“Bridge Of Eden” is a vibrant journey you beg to be a part of. This momentous swing emits from the ensemble from the get-go, and this powerful hook emerges from the rhythmic passage which engulfs the movement and builds the foundations for this powerful release. The rhythmic flow becomes this intoxicating loop and for the first few bars provides a buoyant bounce, then silence swoops momentarily and breaks the intensity to allow the enchanting vocals to make their mark on the charming landscape of “Bridge Of Eden”.

This exploration is a vibrant and fun musical masterpiece despite the gloomy lyrics, incorporating so many layers and elements that assist to showcase this shimmering electricity present throughout. This 3-minute track is a dynamic ride, the melody leaves this remarkable imprint, the chorus reflects that of an 80’s classic, that ability to create a hook so vital, yet re-imagined to capture The Micro Band’s impression. The rolling rhythms unite with the fierce lyrical deliverance and magical dual vocals which soar above the crashing drum kit, truly infectious.

This arrangement echoes this cacophonous celebration, a track you’re already wanting to experience within a live environment. If a recorded composition can carry this much energy, imagine what a live performance will entail.

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