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The Juan Maclean Remixes Low Island’s Latest Single ‘Feel Young Again’

February 28, 2021

The Juan Maclean Remixes Low Island’s Latest Single ‘Feel Young Again’

Oxford quartet Low Island reveal an invigorating  remix of their latest single ‘Feel Young Again’ by LCD Soundsystem and DFA collaborator The Juan MacLean. Debut album ‘If You Could Have It All Again’ for April 16th.  

Harnessing the spirit of catharsis that the original embodied in its themes, and taking it to euphoric new levels with his trademark, dance-punk infected Nu Disco sound, The Juan MacLean emboldens the dancefloor potential in ‘Feel Young Again’. The chugging, bubbling synth backdrop is a late-night NYC subway to an after-hours club – echoing the lyrical ‘one last dance’ you take your insecurities for before shedding their weight in the dawn. 

Vocalist Carlos Posada’s quote on the sentiment behind the original still holds, and in fact takes on an increasingly celebratory tone: 

“Feel Young Again is about a toxic relationship; not with a person, but with a part of yourself that you need to let go of. A part of yourself that is doing you harm but because of familiarity and a fear of change, you can’t give it up. It’s about taking that thing, feeling or frame of mind for one last dance before finally letting it go.”   

With the original single, Low Island deliver this quintessential example of the sophisticated indie-pop with which Low Island have started turning heads across the board, taking cues equally from RadioheadGlass AnimalsCaribouTalking Heads and TV on the Radio.

They push together these indie rock influences with this electronic twist. Reflective and honest lyrics resonate through the fierce bass notes and crushing beat. Low Island conveys a real emotive connection within their outlook, their mighty energy adds this elevated essence to that emotional deliverance. With the new collaboration and re-work, The Juan Maclean focuses on that emotive vocal connection and manipulates the surrounding beat to intensify the importance of this composition. The collaboration offers this soaring re-work. This more accessible trance-like commitment overcomes the exploration and appeals to all. You are destined to move and destined to hit repeat. Let the fierce new remix powerfully leave its mark on you.

Low Island are a group who’ve always had one foot in the sophisticated art-rock world, and the other firmly placed within the bristling fog of Warp Records-esque electronica – think mid-stage Radiohead, or Caribou. Projects are regularly accompanied by remixes that never jarr with the band’s intentions, but rather bridge this gap between sounds, and colour in their constructed world. This time around the pedigree and vision of The Juan MacLean, a stalwart on the scene and oftentimes right hand man to James Murphy,  elevates this aspect to new levels. 

Electronic focused media in XLR8R and  Blahblahblah have co-signed these regular forays, to going along side the support at indie titles (NMEDIY), breaking culture zines (CRACKClash) and broadsheets (The IndependentThe Times). On the airwaves Annie MacGreg James and Gemma Bradley at BBC Radio and Lauren Laverne and Tom Robinson on BBC 6 Music are fans. 

Feel Young Again (The Juan MacLean Remix)’ is out now ahead of debut album ‘If You Could Have It All Again’ on April 16th.  

Pre-order here:https://low-island.lnk.to/IYCHIAAPR


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