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Low Hummer Share New Single & Video for ‘Never Enough’

February 7, 2021
Low Hummer – Credit: Luke Hallett

Low Hummer Share New Single & Video for ‘Never Enough’

Out on Dance To The Radio

Hull quintet Low Hummer have shared new single ‘Never Enough’ on Leeds’ label Dance To The Radio.

Offering a first glimpse at the debut album the band are currently working on, Low Hummer have shared ‘Never Enough’, a driving new single that highlight the bands gift for classic indie songwriting with loving nods to bands like The Cure and LCD Soundsystem. Truly coming together in the studio, while the band poured over Joy Division and Cocteau Twins songs, singer Aimee Duncan could deliver her vocals with the cool understatement she does best, free from the noise of the rehearsal room.

Continuing their work digging into themes of social isolation, disinformation and online manipulation, ‘Never Enough’ explores Culture-bound syndromes, ageing and whether we have the ability to truly reframe the situations we find ourselves in.

‘Never Enough’ is accompanied by a new video shot in -5 weather in nearby Flamborough. Following three failed shoots due to positive Covid results, track & trace calls and extreme weather, and with an imminent lockdown in England the band set out with film maker Luke Hallett and documented their assent up Mam Tor creating a beautiful and apt account of the band struggling up a very high hill together…

Dan Mawer: Guitars, vocals: 

“I researched culture-bound syndrome’s for ‘Never Enough’ – These are a combination of psychiatric and somatic symptoms, recognised only within a specific society or culture. Transmission of the disease is determined by cultural reinforcement and person to person interaction, I felt like this was an interesting topic for a song. The subject helped me pull together lines along with my own notes on ageing, self-doubt and the idea of cultural isolation. It all sounds very depressing but I hope there’s still lots of light in the lines, such as when Aimee suggests the idea of reframing the situations you find yourself in when you’re struggling.”

As the inital temperment of “Never Enough” emerges, Low Hummer‘s unique sound shimmers. Low Hummer are easily one of the most promising outfits around, they are seriously underrated and this powerful band deserves to be your new favourite. Low Hummer continue to release some of the most established and emotionally charged releases.

“Never Enough” builds this momentious soundscape, the landscape is filled with these rich sound-waves. “Never Enough” feels like a fusion between an 80s classic which is found in the new-wave drum beat that devours the audience, to a 90s indie melancholic banger, this track is the perfect projection. The fierce vocal delivery and raw lyrics mix with the angular outbursts and the more-ish melody. A real nostalgic theme runs deep, as once again Low Hummer‘s lyrical tale delivers this mix of melancholia with a meaningful movement. Their latest track is simply a cathartic journey.

Dance To The Radio originally launched in 2005. The Leeds based indie label is responsible for seminal released from artists including The Pigeon Detectives, ¡Forward, Russia!, ILikeTrains, Sky Larkin and many more, acting as the leading light for Leeds’ legendary independent music scene in the mid 2000’s. 

Following a number of years working on compilations and their annual Leeds Festival takeover, the label fully relaunched in 2017 expanding their work to publishing and management. Since their relaunch the label have signed some of the most exciting new artists in the UK including Far Caspian, Low Hummer, Jake Whiskin and more, generating millions of streams per month and continuing their important role as one of the great champions of new music.

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