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Introducing Glüme: Discover New Single & Video “Get Low” – Debut LP Due Later This Year via Italians Do It Better

February 16, 2021


Shares new single & video “Get Low”
Debut album ‘The Internet’ due later this year via Italians Do It Better

After recently signing to Italians Do It Better, Glüme is sharing her new single & video Get Low, which is taken from her upcoming debut album ‘The Internet’, due later this year. 

“‘Get Low’ is about the high of falling for someone & how it effects your brain chemistry & nervous system. With autonomic dysfunction & a heart condition, it makes the love ride feel like a roller coaster. I get down even trying to let myself fall for someone. So I try not to… But, I’m not very good… So baby get low.” – Glüme

 “Get Low” immerses you into its deep deep destructive cuts, this ominous and intense arrangement lures you in where the cascading brash rhythms keep you submerged. You embrace the powerful intensity of this release- this is vividly striking.

Glüme was born & raised in the City of Angels. Getting her first taste of the silver screen as a child actress, she juggled time between training her voice, exploring music & wrestling with her health. Her various autoimmune issues eventually evolved into a heart disease called Prinzmetal. She doesn’t feel her body & soul are quite compatible with this world…but she loves visiting & writing about the people here. Her music collides at the crossroads where tomorrow has forgotten yesterday. Imagine a seance with Norma Jean starring as Marilyn Monroe hosted by Julee Cruise. It’s black lodge music for the blue youth of the internet age. Glüme is a shimmering new star in the Italians Do It Better galaxy. Glüme’s debut album ‘The Internet‘ is due out later this year. 

‘The Internet’ tracklist:
1. Arthur Miller
2. What Is A Feeling
3. Nervous Breakdown
4. Crushed Velvet
5. Body 
6. Get Low
7. Blossom
8. Don’t @ Me
9. The Internet 
10. Heatwave
11. Porcelain
12. Chemicals

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