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Hayley Mary Shares New Track ‘Would You Throw A Diamond?’

February 16, 2021




Hayley Mary shares explosive rock banger ‘Would You Throw A Diamond?’, her first single of 2021 and the exciting follow up to November’s ‘The Chain’. The single comes alongside a retro music video shot on old film stock by  Australian film maker and winner of Australian Director’s Guild Awards  Lucy Knox.

Stemming from an old idea of Hayley Mary’s partner Johnny, ‘Would You Throw A Diamond?’ is an ode to all the songs that almost didn’t make it.

“‘Would You Throw A Diamond?’ started as an old idea of my boyfriend Johnny’s that he had all but thrown out. He asked if I wanted to sing it and I could see it was a proper diamond in the dirt that just needed brushing off and shining up.”
The video, shot on old film stock by director Lucy Knox, uses retro imagery and retro iconography to further highlight the themes of the song. Of the video Hayley says:

“Because of the way the song came about and the meaning behind it being about thing first before you throw out an old idea, it made sense to play around with my love of old clothes and objects for the video. My dad brought me up to have an almost unhealthy sympathy for the magical old objects one can find in a thrift store. He loved old cars and would never throw anything out, always seeing the treasure in other people’s trash.

Pretty much everything that appears in the video is pre-loved or pre-lived in or a little dilapidated, but beautiful, Lucy Knox, the director even had a pile of old film lying around at her house, which we used. Due to the limited amount we had, we couldn’t overshoot and I found it very liberating having the limitation that film provided; a kind of thriftiness permeated the whole process which felt very in line with the spirit of the song.”

‘Would You Throw A Diamond?’ 
follows previous single ‘The Chain’ – Hayley’s first single since her debut EP The Piss, The Perfume was released to critical acclaim last year – which saw acclaim from The Line of Best Fit, Paste, Idolator and NME, along with a Double J add, and an accompanying video which gained over 40 thousand streams in its first two weeks. The track was closely followed by‘The Chain (Nude Version)’which has taken off at streaming platforms, drawing an even wider audience through inclusion on a multitude of acoustic playlists.

That insatiable and sparking electricity that Hayley Mary possesses, becomes the forefront of this fast-paced intense creation. “Would You Throw A Diamond?” is a short yet momentous orchestration that fuels itself on this garage-pop compelling crashing textures and a colliding rhythm that pushes the infectious attitude to another level. You embrace the immersive and ardent arrangement which blasts through your world with such ferocity that after just one listen, you’ll be hooked and singing the lyrics back. The energetic lyrical delivery by Hayley, will leave you in awe. The intensity of the vocal notes delivered with such force highlights the urgency of the track, Hayley continues to craft some of the best tracks of our time.

‘Would You Throw A Diamond?’ is a vibrant reminder of Hayley Mary’s intrinsic ability to create, transform and evolve, and while as a solo artist she might be new to the scene, she is no stranger to compelling song writing and storytelling.

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