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Hannah Rose Kessler Shares New Single “Come Feel Me” Out Now on Reckless Yes

February 14, 2021
Stephen Garnett

Hannah Rose Kessler Shares New Single “Come Feel Me” Out Now on Reckless Yes

Hannah Rose Kessler has announced her first new music since signing to independent label Reckless Yes with the release of digital single Come Feel Me

The new single was released 12th February and the track is described as having industrial edges, PJ Harvey-esque raw energy and darkness, and intriguing dance influences too. It sets the scene for an EP to come and shows Kessler as a fascinating emerging artist and producer. 

About single Kessler said, “I wrote this track while stuck in a very liminal period of my life. It’s about the desperate clawing for intimacy, validation and recognition you see in groups of unhappy people. 

I tried to bring out a sense of fatigue and anxiety with the beat and the oppressive bass, to contrast with the gentle vocal delivery. When the drop comes, that’s the break in tension, during which life appears to briefly make sense. But then it’s back to the same old feeling, only you’re not sure whether you mean the words you say or if you’re just saying them out of habit: ‘I’m lonely, so lonely’.”

Reckless Yes Records · Hannah Rose Kessler – Come Feel Me

Among this bed of intricate percussive-led beats, bold, brash, and forming this biting momentum, lies this devious distorted soundscape. Within this bed of distinct beats and distortion conveys this addictive channel of fierce fuzz which altogether builds this bewitching landscape of immersive musical spectacle. This is “Come Feel Me“, a striking atmosphere crafted by Hannah Rose Kessler who then adds their own compelling and infectious vocal melodies into the mix which instantly captures this energy that explodes into the surroundings.

Lyrically, Hannah enthralls as the musician captures fragile sentiments and mature emotive characteristics into the raw journey of this release. The vocal notes soar through the stormy aura and provide a contrast to the gnarled environment, despite challenging affection the softer tone and delivery adds this heartfelt and authentic touch to the vision. Hannah Rose Kessler is a name you will hear often, their work will reach you and their creations simply bursting with endless potential. Hannah captures volatility into their vision which in turn provides for an expressive release.

Come Feel Me is taken from Hannah’s forthcoming EP, due in March 2021.

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