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Frøkedal & Family Announce New Album “Flora” & Share First Single SØN

February 20, 2021
Photo-credit: Vidar Rådane 


Norway’s Anne Lise Frøkedal announces her third album ‘Flora’ and shares first single, the expansive sun-kissed indie-folk of SØN. Previously known as simply Frøkedal, the new extended name Frøkedal & Family pays homage to the communal groove of the new album ‘Flora’ which was very much a collective affair.   

Anne Lise Frøkedal describes it as a record of “nature and awakening,” one that explores the human race’s inherent restlessness and ability to find connections, and through the alchemy of  the album’s creation – with Anne Lise and her band playing for 10 days straight in the studio – the connection she desired was met with amazing results.  

An album full of songs created through the shared  passion of playing together – an experience that was magical, organic, and intuitive with human connectivity at its very core. As Anne Lise explains “’Flora’ does not worry about being heartfelt and unfiltered. ‘Flora’ let loneliness and fear, hope and nature grow wild. It is the dream of the connection we all long for.” 

Though originally from a small misty village on the west coast of Norway, Anne Lise’s musical background is one of well-crafted indie, she is part of the collective I Was A King and was previously in Harrys Gym. That full-bodied band sound sits alongside deep-rooted folk in ‘Flora’ creating a sonic experience of folk-pop with skyward eyes and insatiable grooves. 

The first single SØN nods to Anne Lise indie heritage with its chiming guitar, described by Anne Lise as “a pop-protest” and a song that “turns its back on the light and conventions in pursuit of a new truth.”

This fierce force arrives with the vocal harmonies that join SØN; what starts as simply striking suddenly soar and offer this gentle, at times fragile melody when the notes are elongated and glide about the complex instrumentation. Frøkedal & Family embrace this intricate landscape they’ve created with their outlook, the embellished rhythms and upbeat touch found in the new single just strikes a chord with the audience. Simultaneously beautiful yet reflective. This is destined to dazzle.

Heavier moments on ‘Flora’ come in the almost punk-paced Familiar with its driven drums and spiralling guitar riffs, and the folk-rock of Shot-Put which would not sound out of place on Fleetwood Mac’s creative power-house album ‘Tusk’ but with its roots firmly in a traditional folk sound, bringing to mind an earlier Lauren Laverne (BBC 6 Music) description of Frøkedal as “Fleetwood Mac getting on pretty well with Joni Mitchell.” Songs such as Set Your Spirit Free also brim with a traditional folk sound in its meandering melody and roots instrumentation, its multi-instrumentation constantly builds skywards layer-upon-layer, laced with hypnotising overlaid vocals. Elsewhere on the album there’s a gentler touch, in the beguiling Window which lets Anne Lise’s sonorous vocals take centre stage, recalling the intimate heart rendering folk-pop of Nico or Marianne Faithfull  – both of whom she has been compared to. Songs like the bitter-sweet Lonely Robot sit somewhere in-between in pace, it’s melancholy unable to hide a wonderful pop-sensibility in the song-writing craftmanship, and Takedown with touches of 60’s slinky pop magic in its percussion. Then there’s the wonderful anomaly found in the raw bluesy energy of Treasure, conversely one of the album’s most powerful yet also stripped back songs. 

Flora’is an album of rare musical magic, a moment in time of music alchemy captured on record, where hugely talented musicians left their vulnerability at the studio door and with guards down came together to create songs with no limitations. ‘Flora’ is the sound of the genuine human connection Anne Lise Frøkedal sought and the vast reaching creativity that connection can birth.    



Set Your Spirit Free





Lonely Robot



Dark Woods


Frøkedal has previously released two albums ‘Hold On Dreamer’ (2016) and ‘How We Made It’ (2018)  via Propeller Recordings to much critical acclaim across Europe and America, securing fans in the likes of New York Times and Pitchfork. 

In the UK Frøkedal’s accolades include being  named ‘One to Watch’ by the Independent and ‘Breaking Act’ by Sunday Times Culture, with glowing coverage across Uncut,The Line of Best Fit , DIY and CLASH – among many others. At radio Frøkedal has had  huge support at BBC 6 Music  with fans in Mark Riley and Lauren Laverne (Recommends). ‘Flora’ was written by Anne Lise Frøkedal but fully brought to life by Anne Lise and ‘the Family’– Olav Christer Rossebø, Ingeleiv Berstad, Erlend Ringseth, Elisabeth Mørland Nesset and Olaf Olsen. It was produced by Anne Lise Frøkedal and co-produced by Bård Ingebrigtsen who also  recorded and mixed the record at Amper Tone. It was mastered by George Tanderø. 

SØN is released as a digital single with long-player ‘Flora’ following on 14 May on CD, vinyl and digitally via Fysisk Format. ‘Flora’ will be accompanied by a Frøkedal song book illustrated by Robyn Hitchcock (The Soft Boys) and full of  strange curiosa and stories behind the album songs.

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