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Daniel God Damn Byrom Announces New 4 Track EP “Live From Dead Tuesday’s” Due 12th March via Small Pond + Shares New Single “Michelle Was A Handsome Girl” | Release + Interview Special

February 9, 2021

Daniel God Damn Byrom Announces New 4 Track EP “Live From Dead Tuesday’s” Due 12th March via Small Pond Records

Shares New Single “Michelle was a Handsome Girl”

Daniel God Damn Byrom is back with a new 4-track EP titled ‘Live from Dead Tuesday’s’, which will be released 12th March on Small Pond.

Following on from Daniel’s stunning debut EP “Live From Sad Claire’s Apartment” which was released in October last year, “Live From Dead Tuesday’s” picks up where the debut left. Described as existing in the same semi-fictional town created by Byrom: “I wanted ‘Live from Sad Claire’s Apartment’ to sound like a low-fi bedroom recording from the house of ‘Claire’; full of hope and wonder. ‘Live from Dead Tuesday’s’ is based on a dive bar (taken from the Cat Stevens song ‘Tuesday’s Dead’), very dusty and loud and rough around the edges. It sounds ropier and closer to breaking point, full of the harsh reality of the wild world”.

Byrom recorded all 4-tracks on a borrowed Tascam 8-track tape recorder, using an old Ampex mic, along with a host of second-hand instruments, including his beloved J. Busilacchio electric reef organ. The result is a truly reflective, warm, and ambitious collection of heartfelt gems.

Live From Dead Tuesdays Track Listing

1. Apple Bobbing

2. Funeral Song

3. Michelle Was A Handsome Girl

4. Some People

As well as the announcement of the forthcoming release, today February 9th, Daniel shares his lead single ‘Michelle Was a Handsome Boy’. The new single is described as half a love song wrapped up in a narrative of cults and mass suicide, written almost entirely the first time Byrom played it.

We are delighted to share Daniel’s new single “Michelle Was A Handsome Girl”, listen to the stunning single streaming below:

The sublime new release is a tender yet warm exploration where Daniel effortlessly captures life into his vision. The power that exudes from the acoustic ensemble reflects in the hypnotic yet individual vocal harmony from Daniel. Carefully holding select notes and in doing so intensifying the lyrical approach. Daniel God Damn Byrom delivers this immersive lyrical tale wrapped in a fragile enrichment. The delicacy of Daniel’s singing provides this real intimacy for the track. A theme that will no doubt be proudly dominating the record which will follow.

Overall due to the organic recording technique which captures this release, the atmosphere harvests that organic nature for the foundation of the movement and assists to the honesty of this ensemble The raw tone fits perfectly with the sincere passages of this instrumentation. Daniel sets the ambiance and awakens this relatable connection between artist and audience. A strong sense of home is mirrored from the musician into the landscape. The warm lyrical nuances resonate with the fine melodies for a heartfelt and humble creation.

Daniel is easily one of the most compelling singer and songwriters of our generation. Each new material that is unleashed continues to be just as rivetting as the last arrangement. Daniel has a skill to power such affection within his melodies, his lyrics and his delicate yet lasting note.

With details of the forthcoming EP now released, we spent some time chatting to Daniel to find out more about his vision, what we can look forward to from the EP, teaming up with Small Pond and more.

  • We’ve spent plenty of time discussing Daniel’s work in the past (be it from Wild Cat Strike who we adore), but we’d like to find out more about your new direction. Why have you stepped out solo?

It’s something I always planned to do, at some point, I guess the timing just felt right.

I have always written songs with the vague intention of releasing them; but as time went on I found I had forgotten more songs than I could remember, so the desire to put them out became greater, if only to document that they did actually exist.

I had the name for a few years, and with it came a bunch of new songs and ideas. It also gave me a chance to play different styles of music and different instruments.

  • You’re due to release your forthcoming 4-track EP titled ‘Live from Dead Tuesday’s’, out 12th March on Small Pond. What was the inspiration behind this new record?

It is kind of a continuation from LFSCA, trying to explain things I don’t understand in little stories or allegory.

I never have any great intention when I start a song, I but have an idea where it should end up.

  • The raw lofi power of your creations really makes us ask how you created this sound. Tell us more about your recording process for this release.

I used an old Tascam 8-track tape machine that I borrowed from a friend and an old ampex radio mic. I recorded it in my living in Brighton, not the most professional setting, but it suited what I wanted, which was lo-fi and affordable.

  • The record cries out analogue, why is this important to you?

I like the romantic and nostalgic idea of using a tape machine, the process seems for tactical. There are pros and cons to using it, tape certainly doesn’t suffer fools any mistakes can ruin tracks especially from a novice. But I like imperfect records and the personable quality in that.

  • Very intrigued about the EP name, why did you land on this?

It’s named after a Cat stevens song from Teaser and the firecat, ‘Tuesdays dead, which is one of my favourite albums.

I thought dead Tuesdays sound like a cool name for a spit and sawdust type dive bar, and liked the idea of having these live eps that where “recorded live” from fictional places.

  • The running theme throughout your lyrics and your vocal notes is that you create music that is laced with intimacy, is that intimate attribute a vital concept to your work?

Yes definitely, my favourite artist are often imperfect singers, it’s their use of lyrics and emotion that appeal to me. I felt I always had to rely on what I was saying as I couldn’t hit those high notes.

I always felt a kin shift with the artists I listened to, as they seemed to say what I was thinking, and in such a moving way.

There is a lyric by the band Why? that always seems sticks in my head when I think about writing; “you gotta yell something that you’d never tell nobody”, and think that’s a good motto to stick to.

  • How would you personally describe your own sound?

alt – folk, or lo-fi – alt – folk.

I would say for fans of Conor Oberst, Daniel Johnston, Neutral Milk Hotel, sparkle horse etc.

  • How did your involvement with Small Pond originally come about?

The old drummer of Wild Cat Strike (joe Caple, of Libra Libra) helped to build Small Pond rehearsal space and studio, so I got to hang out with them and became friends.

Around this time we (WCS) were planning an ep and Small Pond suggested doing an album together, so we did.

I showed them the songs I had been working on which they enjoyed, so it was very easy to carry on our business arrangements and friendships .

  • To us, you’ve been this essential artist to listen to throughout the insanity of the last year, as an artist how have you managed with creating new tracks and then recording throughout the current climate?

That’s very sweet, thank you.

Sadly after getting our tours cancelled I think it gave me a drive to not waste any more time. So I carried on working on music, both for WCS and DGDB. We area close to finishing the second WCS album, and I have and DGDB ep in the works.

Being able to record from home made it very easy.

  • Will your EP be available on digital or physical format or both? And where can we find this when it’s released?

Live From Dead Tuesday will be available on all magic streaming platforms.

Im happy to say we will be doing a very limited run of cassette tapes with both my eps on.

Thank you Daniel

Pre-orders are now live via Small Pond‘s bandcamp, be sure to get your copy of the EP

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