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Camila Fuchs Share Video For “Mess” – New Album “Kids Talk Sun” Out Now Via Felte Records

February 23, 2021
Photo credit: Thyra Dragseth


Share new video for broody & intoxicating single “Mess”
Album ‘Kids Talk Sun’ out now on Felte Records

Following the released of their new album ‘Kids Talk Sun’ via Felte Records at the end of last year, Lisbon-based Mexican/German duo Camila Fuchs have shared a haunting video for the album’s moody, intoxicating crescendo, “Mess”

WARNING: this video has constant flashes that could be dangerous to view if you have epilepsy.

Recorded with Spacemen 3/Sonic Boom’s Peter Kember in the misty, castle-peaked hills of Sintra, just outside Lisbon in Portugal, the duo’s third album sees their experimental electronic pop imbued with a youthful sense of light and wonder. Amidst nine tracks of off-kilter, vibrant atmospherics, they give an abstract meditation on childhood, the exchanges between humans, nature, and within nature itself. 

On “Mess” crunching beats, creeping electronics and mellow, lingering vocals make for one of ‘Kids Talk Sun’s most powerful and brooding moments. “‘Mess’ brings the shadows. It’s the lonely place from which to watch. A social heartbreak where one doesn’t fit in and is always shifting trying to find connections. It’s about the lack of communication and the possible void that it can create. It’s about language as the way to get to know each other. It’s such a precise tool. If we don’t use it, are we truly getting to know each other? ‘Love is where we go first with the word but it’s not just about something light and happy and pleasurable. The word calls us deep, deep responsibilities,’ said Elizabeth Alexander. This song is about a place where we’ve all been. It welcomes the sharing, the questioning, the urge and nature of talking, it’s about being open to actively get to know each other.” 

The accompanying video was made by Camila in collaboration with her sister Manuela De Laborde and is online now.

Camila Fuchs craft complex compositions which will completely compel you, the rhythms, and the emotive clashes of their carefully arranged orchestrations. Each soundscape so plentiful and intricate you’ll continue to be mesmerized by Camila Fuchs appeal. With”Mess” the duo craft this impressive soundscape built on this brooding collage of smudged electronic elements, eerie soaring notes and delicate percussive beats. “Mess” devours you, the cosmic instrumentation delivers gentle yet infectious vocal harmonies swirling around alongside the sonic ingredients of captivating electronic drone.

Camila Fuchs create experimental electronic pop with spectral vocals and avant-garde sensibilities. Currently based in Lisbon, the project was formed by Camila De Laborde (Mexico City) and Daniel Hermann-Collini (Munich) in London in 2012. The band released their debut album ‘Singing From Fixed Rung’in 2016, followed by 2018’s ‘Heart Pressed Between Stones’on ATP Recordings. 

On ‘Kids Talk Sun’ they have managed to harness a transformational space of exploration and experimentation.  The album was recorded near the sea and wilderness just outside Lisbon, with the band shifting back and forth from the natural world to the studio. 

The result is an ecosystem of complex, ever-evolving sounds working together, with generosity given to the process itself; the biomimicry of plants, insects, the sun and moon, earth, seasons, and cycles gorgeously reimagined in sonic form. There is a sense of multiplicity, a reassurance on change deeply rooted in transformation, on things disintegrating, decomposing, and something new coming to ground us, arms open, and ready for hope.

‘Kids Talk Sun’ is out now via Felte. Listen to it in full here: https://ffm.to/camilafuchs

‘Kids Talk Sun’ track list:
01. Sun
02. Moon’s Mountain
03. Gloss Trick
04. Roses 
05. Sandstorm
06. Silenced by Hums
07. Come About
08. Mess
09. Pool of Wax


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