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Bernice Share New Track ‘We Choose You’ – Taken From Forthcoming New Album ‘Eau de Bonjourno’ Due 5th March via figureight recordings

February 19, 2021
Credit: Colin Medley 

Bernice Share New Track “We Choose You”

New Album Eau de Bonjourno, due 5th March via figureight records

Toronto’s Bernice  share their track ‘We Choose You’n‘, the new single from upcoming new album Eau de Bonjourno, due 5th March via figureight records.

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‘Toronto’s ever evolving backing band’ return two years after their previous full length Puff: In the air without a shape, this time with legendary Shahzad Ismaily (Laurie Anderson, Lou Reed, Elvis Costello, Iggy Pop) on production duties. Eau de Bonjourno is a playful, intricate record that pulls the group’s improvisational jazz mind-sets through the forms of contemporary pop, new age and R&B. 

The band explain the track’: “This is a song about the impossible nature of the present moment, as individual people on a planet that’s too hot, too crowded, too connected, too divided. We can’t imagine how to do it, how to make it better, but we’ll do it anyway. There is a body of water in each one of us – we’re listening now. The waterfall in front of us is loud – but we can still speak. We can live in the future.”

figureight · Bernice – We Choose You

Bernice continues to impress. Each track they’ve shared so far taken from their forthcoming release, each provides such depth, variety and immersive instrumentation. With “We Choose You’” the outfit uses these course bright textures which provide influence to that of an 80s R&B classic. Working on these quick inflictions into their far-reaching expansive exploration, battling with the deep groove and intricate noises. Bernice focuses on the sublime vocal harmonies to carry the movement of this unique piece. The outfit has carefully created this soundscape that emits soulful energy which surrounds its audience, inviting them to embrace the warmth and slow down to appreciate the aura Bernice have perfected.

1. Groove Elation
2. It’s Me, Robin
3. Big Mato
4. Dry River Bed
5. Lone Swan
6. Empty Cup
7. Personal Bubble
8. Your Beautiful House
9. Infinite Love
10. We Choose You

Eau De Bonjourno will be released March 5th on figureeight.


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