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Thank You Thank You Set To Release Debut EP “Next To Nothing” January 8th via Oof Records | EP Release Special

January 5, 2021
Emily Burtner

Thank You Thank You Set To Release Debut EP “Next To Nothing” January 8th via Oof Records

This Friday, January 8th Thank You Thank You will release their debut EP “Next To Nothing” via Oof Records and this remarkable record will move you. Thank You Thank You is the moniker of musician Tyler Bussey, also of Strange Ranger and The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die.

While living in Connecticut in 2009, Bussey was one of the founding members of The World is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die, returning to the band for Harmlessness (which VICE called ‘the best indie rock record of 2015, period’) and Always Foreign in 2017 before leaving for good a year later. In the years following, Bussey also toured with Emperor X, played with Portland, Oregon’s Snow Roller, and contributed multiple instruments to Bad Heaven LTD‘s Strength (“a strikingly vivid and detailed sound that evokes a real sense of wonder” – Various Small Flames). He’s been a member of Strange Ranger since late 2018, touring with them behind 2019’s Remembering the Rockets. All the while, Bussey has been hosting shows in his South Philly basement and writing the songs that make up NEXT TO NOTHING.

This debut record was mastered by Stephen Steinbrink, the EP was primarily tracked throughout 2019, when the principal musicians involved had time away from their main projects. Contributors include Spirit of the Beehive’s Corey Wichlin, Another Michael’s Jacob Crofoot, Nick Sebastiano and Alenni Davis, Rozwell Kid’s Sean Hallock, Sam Amidon, and members of Hour, among others. The record was finished in quarantine, with final tracking, mixing and mastering occurring remotely.

Artwork- Emily Burtner


  1. O
  2. Heights
  3. Out of Nowhere
  4. K P
  5. Autonomy

Next To Nothing will be one of the most gripping releases of this year without a doubt, this forthcoming release is a flawless debut.

Next To Nothing commences with this gentle guitar lick as the fretboard comes into focus, intricate notes play and become a soft bed for the unique vocal harmonies that emit such emotional attachment. The vocals and the volatile lyrics delicately push this exploration further. This pensive energy accumulates as the exploration gains traction. The lyrics exude this air of lonesomeness but this conflicts with the honest sounds that Thank You Thank You has created.

Heights follows and already there’s more an attitude present on this track. The drumbeat and captivating yet controlled stop-start rhythms to this arrangement project the demeanor of this artist in a different light to the slightly distorted but warm and wobbly track that opened this record. With Heights, the harmony blends with the dynamic instrumentation. Heights provides this soothing course of sultry sounds until the powerful experimental breakdown becomes the focus and showcases Thank You Thank You‘s ability to alter the dynamics of their exploration abruptly. The lyrics just consume you, you follow the words intently, as this complex track effortlessly provides such an immersive experience. With Thank You Thank You’you feel at the center of the music, facing the world side by side with this musician. The usual barriers between musician and artist, have faded away, and you are invited to embrace the emotional delivery. In fact, this artists’ talent is to create a piece of orchestration that is so inclusive, so honest, and deeply compelling. A bright wordsmith that challenges the audience to follow and face together the atmosphere that Thank You Thank You has crafted. As Heights develops, Thank You Thank You produces a vast bed of textural depth as the instrumentation consistently gathers momentum thanks to the introduction of various elements, notes and eclectic riffs.

Out Of Nowhere follows and immediately breaks that intensity but creates it’s own unique and raw atmosphere. This reflective orientation emerges as this instrumental piece draws on various genres and experimentation to create this warm arrangement. Layering up loops and effects to bounce off this standout sample that plays throughout. A quick composition to spark an interest in a track that is sandwiched perfectly between two ardent tracks. The warm appeal to this composition and the strings that dominate when introduced into the mix provides a track that quickly crashes down on your senses through its placement and production values.

K P captures this innocence to its outlook, an extremely melodic track that lifts the vision with its determined drum beat and twinkling effects. The more-ish melody oozes from every angle of this track, and although the vocals still retain some fragility, the vocals on this release simply command your full attention, more power is pushed through the vocal delivery for this track and in turn, provokes the audience.

Finally the EP finishes on Autonomy and what a track to end this release on. Autonomy features one of the best drum shuffle intros’ yet. A blazing declaration to define a new release and it’s refreshing finale. The engrossing sounds of the lapsteel follows that standout shuffle and within each of it’s elongated notes that join the atmosphere, reflection resonates. An emotionally driven track, emotion is at the core of this piece. The additional violin strings that join the mix assist to the immersive body of this harrowing arrangement. The strings harness this captivating charm which feeds into the warm aura created. It’s a slower track which delves deep into these dark passages and delivers such momentum that you don’t want this journey to end.

The debut EP is a record that is built upon organic textures and a nurturing essence. A completely compelling collection of tracks that flow into one another and create it’s own little universe. This is a vital listen. Thank You Thank You has created a must hear record that embraces a world in which you can slow down and engage with your emotions- whatever they be. You can hear each delicate transition and feel the power of the entire journey. A pure and imaginative record. The human appeal provides this humble connection.

NEXT TO NOTHING is out on limited edition cassette via Oof Records on January 8th 2021. 10% of sales will go to Amistad Law Project.

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