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Tender Central Shares New Single ‘Galloper’- Debut Album ‘The Garden’ out January 22nd

January 12, 2021

Tender Central Shares New Single ‘Galloper’- Debut Album ‘The Garden’ out January 22nd via Hello Friendly Recordings

As she gears up for the release of her debut album ‘The Garden’ next week, Tender Central has shared soaring new single ‘Galloper’Tender Central is the electronic folk-pop project of classically trained cellist and Ben Howard collaborator, India Bourne. 

Her new single ‘Galloper’ refers to her racing heart and the physical symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks. A powerful piece of dance-pop, ‘Galloper’ describes the way anxiety can feel like hooves thundering through your body like a horse, capable of great power, but with gentle compassion and refocusing can be calmed and be brought to peace. Though at times heavy, the songs on ‘The Garden’ are full of hope. 

‘Sunlight touches on the echoed plains, raking fingers through the silver ash, phoenix stretches out a new born wing, feel the vigour ring’ the lyrics to ‘Galloper’ read, a sense of calm and growth is on the other side. 

Tender Central · Galloper

“Galloper” is a beautiful triumph. Delicate layers chime and build up the intensity that lifts the soulful and consuming vocal harmonies that soar throughout. Sublime soft notes haunt the buoyant beats that cascade over this composition.

With Tender CentralIndia Bourne lends her delicate ear for musical arrangement to the realms of electronica and folk, resulting in productions that evoke the sounds of her ethereal electronic forebearers Massive AttackLamb and Zero 7, and the unmistakable vocal similarities to legends such as Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell.
Having spent a large portion of her adult years touring as a core member childhood friend Ben Howard’s band as well as a member of supergroup A Blaze Of Feather, the notion of feeling at ‘home’ had become somewhat foreign to India Bourne. Living such a transient life had left her feeling more than a little unsettled and not only in the physical sense. The songs on ‘The Garden’, created in collaboration with esteemed producer Jakwob, cover a range of subjects, from the aforementioned struggle to feel at home whilst living on the road, womanhood and family crisis to learning to accept and love ourselves and our bodies.
In addition to the personal growth that came with writing the songs that would become ‘The Garden’, India was also growing a person in the most literal sense. Whilst in France recording with Ben Howard on his third album ‘Noonday Dream’ India found out that she was pregnant with her first child. 

“I toured throughout early pregnancy playing with ‘A Blaze Of Feather’. I was playing two shows a night as I was also opening the stage as ‘Tender Central’” she says. “At 8 months pregnant with my son I finished recording the bulk of this album feeling him kick the cello and guitar through my belly as I played. And now, launching this album three years later I am pregnant with my second child. It seems that birthing an album and birthing a child goes hand in hand with me!” she jokes. “It’s been a musical start for this little one too; I was mixing the record with morning sickness, I got a film crew and full band together to record live tracks at 4 months pregnant and I regularly record cello and vocals for other artists at home. And as this album drops, I will be close to giving birth, here’s to 2021!”. 

The Garden’ is due out on January 22nd via Hello Friendly Recordings.

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