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Sports Share New Single “The Look” Ahead of EP Release 12th February

January 21, 2021
Credit: Max Alo
Sports share new single
“The Look”

New EP “Get A Good Look Pt.1”
out 12th Feb

Oklahoma duo Sports return with their new single “The Look”. Following on from their critically acclaimed tracks “Tell You Something”, “Baby Baby” and “Never Know”, the new single is the last release to come ahead of their new EP “Get A Good Look Pt.1”, which is due out 12th Feb.

Speaking about the new single songwriter, vocalist and keyboard player Cale Chronister, says “”The Look” was inspired by a comment a stranger made to me while I was out eating lunch. He interrupted me and asked who my agent was, assuming that I was a model. And then wanted to help represent me. I just kind of laughed because it seemed like such an LA cliche. But he was serious and told me “You’ve got the look of the moment.”

The verses of the song were inspired by playing a show, like what goes on before Sports shows. Trying to cash in drink tickets, getting nervous. And also a story my dad told me about someone on LSD he saw jump out of a window because he thought he could fly. I don’t know if it’s a true story or if he was just trying to tell me not to do drugs. I don’t why, but for me it all connects. The verses are the green rooms, the unhealthy habits, the anxiety. The chorus is the stage. The stage is the drug.”

Sports · The Look

The Look is laced with this upbeat momentum, bright riffs, and ecstatic carnivalesque big melody. A perfect pop hit, deep rhythms roll throughout and the luscious vocal harmonies delve into gentle whispers and bold elongated notes. Sports have created a much needed feel-good orchestration. The experimental tones from the synth provide a complex bed for the instrumentation, buoyant beats add to the intensity whilst proud bass lines play into the atmosphere. The Look is flawless, harnessing this powerful energy and sunny projection. Let the track cascade into your emotions and pull you up.

Purpose is at the cornerstone of Sports’ resonance and impressive second album Get A Good Look. Childhood friends Cale Chronister and Christian Theriot have come to realize that life can change at any second. Perspectives are reshaped, relationships rise or fall, and home is anywhere you want it to be. For Sports, it’s the intricacies of their lifelong friendship, the victories and shortcomings of growing up, and the lessons learned along the way that have influenced their worldview. Growing up on the outskirts of Tulsa, Oklahoma, life for Cale and Christian revolved around watching MTV and going to church. The pair first met in middle school and formed an instant connection with both seeking to break out of the conformity of their quaint small town upbringing. “We have been making and recording music under different names since we were about 13,” they share. The genesis of Sports would come almost a decade later. On choosing the name Sports, Cale and Christian show reverence to their parents. “They’re big sports fans. It’s like we’re fulfilling some childhood dream of being in the NBA.”

Musically, Sports inspires images of the youthful idyll of bygone times through dulcet melodies and sun-drenched funk synths. Their elaborate, mind-expanding arrangements are warm and enveloping, creating a world where David Bowie, The Beach Boys, and The Clash collide. 

Sports first introduced themselves with their 2015 debut single “You Are The Right One,” a concentrated slow drip of funk. Their debut project, Naked All The Time (2015) and its follow-up, People Can’t Stop Chillin (2016) delivered additional critically-praised singles including: “Panama,” “Whatever You Want,” and “Someone You’d Rather Be Dating.” The band returned in 2018 with their first full-length album, Everyone’s Invited, a vibrant offering that received acclaim from Pitchfork, Pigeons & Planes, and Ones To Watch, in addition to earning plays on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic and Spotify’s New Indie Mix playlist.

To date, Sports has garnered over 100 million streams, an impressive feat for a band who’s stayed true to their independent roots and DIY ethos. After spending the last three years split between Los Angeles, California and Norman, Oklahoma, Cale and Christian find themselves back in their hometown, but with fresh perspective gained from distance and time. 

It’s this perspective that’s apparent in their upcoming third studio album Get A Good Look, which they first teased earlier this year with the single “Tell You Something.” The experimental and innovative track effortlessly blurs the lines between synth-pop, indie-funk, and psychedelic rock and marked the beginning of an exciting new era for the band. Unlike their previous two albums, Get A Good Look will be released in two parts. “We didn’t set out to release the album in 2 parts, but with the pandemic, we had to be creative,” Cale shares. “It gives us the chance to work on the music and the visuals at a more methodical pace.” 

Nowhere is this vigilance more apparent than in their latest two singles – “Baby, Baby” and “Never Know.” In both tracks, each element is meticulously placed, creating Wall Of Sound compositions that reverberate long after the last note. While “Baby Baby,” subdued and vulnerable, explores the vicious cycles of codependency, “Never Know” is groove-fueled angst; a swanky embodiment of the highly relatable ‘I can’t do anything right’ attitude.

Both tracks, in addition to “Tell You Something,” appear on Sports’ Get A Good Look Pt. 1, which arrives February 12, 2021.


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