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SLONK Set To Release New Single “Colin” 29th January via Breakfast Records | Single Feature

January 26, 2021

SLONK Set To Release New Single “Colin” 29th January via Breakfast Records

Right now it’s dark, it’s dreary, prospects feel so bleak and we are all finding ourselves longing for some positivity and some fun- well, there’s a single on the horizon which will inject that fun aspect. SLONK will release new single “Colin” January 29th via Breakfast Records. The importance of this release will be understood when you find yourselves transported from the feel-good energy the new single conveys.

For those that need introducing, SLONK is the solo project of Joe Sherrin, also known for his work with Milo’s Planes or Let’s Kill Janice which you can find in our online store.

At only 2 minutes 11, this track will leave its mark indefinitely. This infectious and vibrant melody features heavily throughout this creation. SLONK has deconstructed a traditional pop hit and rebuilt with their unique vision, lashes of gleeful vocal chants, this sunny hook and synth sounds that ultimately soar. “Colin” is anthemic.

SLONK is a realist and captures the emotions the artist experiences in everyday situations and then turns that pensive moment into a moving musical onslaught. SLONK manages to capture moments of realism, truth, reflection, and emotional perseverance. In such a short and bubbly creation, the lyrics bring a form of rhetorical reassurance reflecting on where in life you are. Looking over to that person who seems quite content with the mundane, so why aren’t you like that? The vibe from the upbeat momentous instrumentation challenges that melancholic affliction and in turn delivers this life-affirming melody.

This arrangement seems to capture that innocence and energy of a young Los Campesinos over 10 years ago, yet that energy is delivered by one musician. The vitality exuding from the vocal notes and the subtle punk attributes seemingly relate to that of Woahnows, but again this is one musician and the atmosphere created really is an impressive feat.

Is it too early to label this track as single of the year?!

Of the track, Joe states: “This song came about a few years ago at a temp job where I didn’t know (and still don’t) what I was actually doing there. I knew what type of thing I was supposed to be doing on the computer but had no idea what it meant or what its purpose was. Colin is about the idea staying there forever, told through the eyes of the characters who I worked there with.

The release is described as moving away from his trademark guitar-driven indie folk, Colin is a bold, glorious foray into synth pop for SLONK. In many ways, however, it’s vintage SLONK, blending whip-smart lyricism with an incredibly infectious refrain.

Colin is taken from the new album ‘Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?’ out August 27th on Breakfast Records.




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