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Sal Dulu Shares New Single “Girl” Ahead Of Debut Album Release

January 23, 2021
credit Greg Purcell

Sal Dulu
Shares New Single “Girl”

Debut LP Xompulse – February 19, 2021

Out via Duluoz Records

Tipped Dublin-based producer/musician, Sal Dulu is today sharing his mercurial new single, “Girl”, the latest to be taken from his forthcoming debut album, Xompulse which is set for self-release via his own Duluoz Records on February 19, 2021 –listen to “Girl” streaming below.

The new track comes off the back of recent singles “B” and “Alien Boy 96” which have found tips from Complex, NTS Radio, The Line of Best Fit, DJ Booth, and more.

Stylistically, “Girl” segues once again with Sal Dulu latching onto distorted beat loops and twinkling piano segments. Whereas “Alien Boy 96” mined a sound affiliated with warm-hued, ambient nostalgia and “B” found collaboration with Richmond, Virginia-based artist, Koncept Jackson, “Girl” harnesses an array of off-kilter rhythms and jazz-indebted sensibilities giving light to another avenue of Xompulse‘soverall sound.

Sal Dulu · Girl

Manipulating the sound waves at the first few notes of this arrangement, it’s clear this is an artist with such a creative vision to their craft. Layering up this track with various cutting samples, these stop-start grooves, and exuberant beats. This is a courageous composition with a feel-good vibe at its core. Blending various influences and delving into this exploratory instrumentation that uses such a broad range of influences to unite an audience. The jazz tendencies, the hip hop references, the entire creation, and overall concept emits this bold energy which results in a deeply immersive track. The melody dazzles.

The new run of music from Sal Dulu, marks his first releases of the year following previous support from The Observer, Resident Advisor, Okay Player and more. Sonically, they leave off from where his earlier music took us, once again finding Sal Dulu demonstrate his versatility as a producer, fusing together different styles to present something which is at once cinematic and also intimate. . Thematically, the forthcoming collection deals with dreamscapes and liminal places, as well as tackling fragmented memories. “B” marks one of a number of collaborations on the new record with additional features coming from the Pitchfork/Stereogum-tipped Fly Anakin (Mutant Academy) and Atlanta, Georgia-based staHHr.

Speaking about the album, Sal Dulu says: “The album comprises fragments of aural and visual memories and assimilates these in a series of memory-based songs or dreams.  The album can essentially be described as moving through a dreamscape.”

Recorded between London and his home studio in Dublin, this new music adds to Sal Dulu’s previous collection of songs that demonstrate his creative process from several angles. Exorcising an array of genres, everything from jazz, to classical, ambient and hip-hop, and ideas that he’s worked with over the last twelve months – largely throughout the nocturnal hours – since summer 2019, Xompulse is a distinctly soothing trip through memory with each track evocative of a different playback. 

Xompulse will be released via Duluoz Records on February 19, 2021. Pre-order here.

Sal Dulu
February 19, 2021
Out via Duluoz Records

1. Ariel Visions
2. She Belongs to Roth
3.  Zumo (feat. Fly Anakin)
4. Xompulse
5. Alien Boy 96
6. Girl
7. B (feat. Koncept Jack$on)
8. Just Like Sonnenaelle Blues
9. I Kan
10. Buzzcut (feat. staHHr)

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