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Postdata Shares New Single “Nobody Knows” Taken From Forthcoming Album “Twin Flames” out March 5th 2021 via Paper Bag Records

January 9, 2021


Shares New Single “Nobody Knows”

New Album: Twin Flames – March 5, 2021
Out via Paper Bag Records


POSTDATA, the solo music project of Wintersleep frontman/songwriter, Paul Murphy is to return on March 5, 2021, with his third record, Twin Flames (out via Paper Bag Records).

Following in the wake of the Brooklyn Vegan-tipped album-titled single, Paul is today sharing the new track “Nobody Knows”. Listen to the new single streaming below:

Nobody Knows is a new vision totally enriched in this out of world magical appeal. The new release balances complexity within it’s melodic rhythms and clashes that with a wrath of emotion.

It’s got this vibrant beat that shakes the atmosphere and contains all the addictive appeal of a Paul Simon classic. This release will feature on your next favourite show at a pivotal time, it’s a buoyant and life-affirming exploration. This vast atmosphere has been carefully crafted throughout and adds to the charisma of this alluring artist. Nobody Knows has this uplifting essence whilst battling with its own serious lyrics. This composition challenges its audience to find the highs within the lows and in turn plays out for a deeply cathartic listen, the layered and expansive chorus gains serious momentum. Nobody Knows is a must-hear!

Nobody Knows“,  is described as an infectious late night kitchen-party acoustic bop that finds Murphy rhyming off a laundry list of his faults and failings: “I’m not good when the party’s packed/I’m not good when there’s nobody left/I’m not good when I’m all by myself, I fear for my health.” Murphy is joined on the second verse by affirmations of “Not good!” Hollered by a backing chorus line of friends and family. 

“I wrote “Nobody Knows” on a sunny afternoon – one of those songs that just comes easy, all the lyrics and melodies done in a few hours,” explains Murphy. “I think lyrically I was making light of the fact that I often don’t feel comfortable and content in situations… looking at the negative side of things when there are so many positive ways to look at life. I think in this era of social media where people feel the pressure to present their lives in the most perfect light, it felt like a really appropriate sentiment, a little bit of a bite back. You can present yourself in a certain way, but it doesn’t mean that’s the reality of the situation, or who you are or what you’re feeling.”

Twin Flames by Postdata is set for release via Paper Bag Records on March 5, 2021. Pre-order here.

Twin Flames
March 5, 2021
Paper Bag Records

1. Haunts
2. Inside Out
3. Nobody Knows
4. Yours
5. Twin Flames
6. Kissing
7. Behind You
8. My Mind Won’t
9. Tomb


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