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Oxymorrons Share New Single and Video For ‘Green Vision’

January 10, 2021

Oxymorrons Share Single and Video For ‘Green Vision’

“Green means go! So ‘Green Vision’ to us is go time,” proclaim New York based boundary-pushers Oxymorrons of their genre-busting new single, unleashed across the globe now.

 “It’s us putting our stamp on the world with our “new” New York rock sound. It’s a song that defines us as a whole sonically and image-wise. It’s that real New York braggadocious shit that our city is known for. It’s Oxy – Hip-hop low end, heavy hitting drums, wailing guitars and, most importantly, swag. We here to break down genre barriers, kick down walls of what people consider rock music. Rock has evolved but it’s here to stay and so are we!!!! Get used to it!”

‘Green Vision’ is the band’s latest cut to be released via visionary collective 333 Wreckords Crew, following last year’s righteously furious ‘Justice’. The music video that comes alongside the Oxys’ new single reps their city hard as they rock and rap the streets of NYC.

Oxymorrons deserve to be huge. Support this band, they are truly unique and deliver some of the most destructive ensembles. With “Green Vision” Oxymorrons capture their intense energy and push that fierce persona through each bar and each beat. Oxymorrons build their new vision on these deep hard-hitting elements found in the foundation of this ardent track, progressively pelting the journey with their raw and resonating vocals. They own their deliverance. Oxymorrons consume their audience with their flawless ferocity, the outfit defies restrictions to their work and in turn they craft something with a bite, purpose, and addictive appeal.

Oxymorrons are making a name for themselves in the spirit of change – building a movement from years of being told they were too rock for hip-hop, too hip-hop for rock. They’ve boldly committed to creating music that defies arbitrary rules of classification, cementing the band as early pioneers of the modern genre-blending revolution.

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