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Otzeki Release New Single ‘Familiar Feeling’

January 7, 2021
Photo Credit: Holly Whittaker.


Release New Single

‘Familiar Feeling’

Sophomore Album ‘Now is a Long Time’ 

Out 19th March 2021 via Akira Records

Fresh from announcing their sophomore album ‘Now is a Long Time’, subversive electronic-punk provocateurs Otzeki return with the video for their new single ‘Familiar Feeling’ which they released on 1st January to streaming services. ‘Now is a Long Time’ is set to be released on 19th March 2021 via Akira Records.

With Familiar Feeling, Otzeki embraces a more personal orchestration. The beat pulsating throughout collides with the ample electronic waves to create such a vital appeal and quickly the listener becomes infatuated by the consuming textures to this exploration. Familiar Feeling emits this more raw energy and projects Otzeki in this intimate light. Delicate vocals cascade over the melodic electronica resulting in a surge of emotional attachement.

Otzeki can effortlessly ramp up their unique and at times colossal soundscape and the overall intensity to their tracks, but on their new release, they show they can also play with their dynamics and present a softer arrangement. Even with this softer appeal, Otzeki still pack their compositions with their renowned abundance of experimental notes and addictive tones but with Familiar Feeling, they deliver this track with an air of fragility.

Singer Mike Sharp on the song: “After seeing a modular synth band Atom in Rennes, I felt compelled to write something direct and mechanised that both Joel and I could play live on keyboards. I’d also been listening a lot to New Order as well a song called ‘Breast Stroke’ by Camberwell band Flaming Tunes.

Whilst producing the track on the train, I accidentally left the mic on my laptop on and heard this kid and his mum laughing with each other through my headphones.. it felt like a part of the track already so when I noticed, I pressed record and let it provide an ambience throughout.

The vocal was taken from a completely different alt-rock track that we’d made years ago for our first album but never got released. That song was about seeing and holding a loved one after being away from each other for what felt like a lifetime.”

Otzeki – the project of cousins Mike Sharp and Joel Roberts – was born after a semi drunken jam on a partly functioning Yamaha AN200 drum machine and a Fender Jaguar guitar. Taking their name from a misremembered Russian author, their blend of carefully sourced electronics, luscious electric guitar and falsetto vocals has been the longstanding formula of the project which has seen them tour Europe, UK and USA. Vigorously awakening crowds to the sound of their rhythm, they are able to create an almost deadly, definitely dangerous live energy which has become an integral part of who they are.

Returning with their first new music in two years, the pair are continuing to spread their kind message of hope, using music as their weapon of choice, and aiming to bring sanity to a world on its knees. The album artwork (see below) is a photograph of the band spray painting the first lyric of the album onto the advertising void left empty due to the harsh economic times and empty streets.

Otzeki – Now is a Long Time tracklisting

1. Shy Sooo Shy, 2. Sweet Sunshine, 3. Another Son, 4. Max Wells-Demon, 5. No Views, 6. Unthunk, 7. Used to Wonder, 8. Familiar Feeling, 9. Emotional Retail, 10. Leave Yourself Alone, 11. Remember, 12. Fading Up

So excited for this album to drop!



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