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Moontype Share Debut Single “Ferry”

January 6, 2021

Moontype Share Debut Single “Ferry”

Laying down roots at Oberlin College before officially becoming a band in Chicago last year, it has not take Moontype long to start turning heads. Despite having no music online, the three piece (composed of singer/bassist Margaret McCarthy, guitarist Ben Cruz and drummer Emerson Hunton) began playing in their adoptive city in 2019 with only a pair of Bandcamp demos to their name and quickly started appearing on bills with buzzing acts like Strange Ranger, Horsejumper of Love and Paear. This led to them capturing the attention of the rising Chicago label Born Yesterday (helmed by Deeper’s Kevin Fairbairn and the increasingly ubiquitous engineer Greg Obis), who have recently garnered an expanding national profile with releases from DIY circuit up and comers Landowner and Cafe Racer. At the tail end of 2020, Moontype announced new of their signing to the label with their single “Ferry“. Listen to the single streaming below:

Ferry is phenomenal, seriously a groundbreaking debut single from an act you need to let in. This new release will empower you. Moontype have created their own imperative atmosphere within their creation, their new release is more of an adventure, one that you fully embrace. As soon as the colossal kick-in of the destructive distorted fuzz and drums fill the space, you are hooked.

An explosive debut that showcases the musician’s fierce attitude throughout. Ferry begins and steadily gains traction heading towards its euphoric and somewhat cathartic crescendo which engulfs the listener into their immersive exploration. This composition is momentous on every level, the emotional attachment that sticks to the haunting vocals, the powerful instrumentation that provides the necessary backbone to this release, and the lifting vocals- this is a masterpiece. This release comes at a time you need to find escapism, and the 5-minute track will offer exactly that.

“Ferry” is available to purchase on Bandcamp.

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