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Lou Berry Shares Video For “Part Of Us” – New Album Out Now

January 19, 2021

Lou Berry

Shares Video for “Part Of Us”

Debut Album: Inner World
Out Now via Le Sofa

Parisian singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Lou Berry is today sharing the video for his new single, “Part Of Us” – watch below. The simmering cut, taken from his Complex, COLORS and Lyrical Lemonade-tipped debut album, Inner World (out now via Le Sofa) arrives now with a transcendental visual accompaniment, directed by Kevin Froly.

Such emotional integrity runs deep within this track. This soulful artist resonates a great appeal within the brooding vocal tones and delicate instrumentation. Lou Berry’s vision captivates. The fragility found at the core of this arrangement moves the release into new depths whilst the intricate beats cascade throughout. A beautiful track you can attach and relate to. A warming release that breaths beauty into each note.

Lou Berry’s spellbinding network of jazz, soul, and R&B drew praise in late 2020 around the release of his debut album, Inner World, a rich, detailed exploration of dreams, reality, and the liminal world between. Thematically the album, which arrives in five different chapters, followed our protagonist on a journey through celestial universes, drifting from reality, through to what Berry visions as their “Inner World”. Along the way, our vessel touches upon addiction, lust, impulse, and the idea of ambition with Berry picking at the flaws and positives that can come with such a vision of life. Self-produced by Berry whilst blending an array of influences from the likes of Men I Trust, HOMESHAKE, and Connan Mockasin, the track once again touches on Lou Berry’s rich understanding of poetry and imagery.

“Part Of Us” marks a crucial piece from the debut album, opening the final chapter of the record titled “Distress/Hope” whilst telling the story of immersion into a dream void of color and indebted to nostalgia. Speaking about the new track, Berry says: “‘In Part Of Us’ the dream is a new reality and the old reality seems like a forgotten dream. The character tries to preserve his emotions reminiscence “Keep tryna fill the blank / Keep tryna feel a thing” by appealing to the memories of a girl from the past, what he calls a “hidden part of us”. I feel the song has a special sense of nostalgia: memories can bring happiness on their own.”

“Kevin Froly (the director) and I chose to shot the music video with a special process called infrared in order to convey the message of the song. It brings those surrealistic washed-out colours which make the atmosphere of the video so special and unreal. Thomas Vanz also helped us to empower the feeling of the song with his fxs artworks. It progressively erodes the blue sky along with the video, recalling the emotional state of the character which is losing touch with his emotions and humanity.”

Early sketches of Lou Berry’s music signature came at a young age as a lyrical singer/soloist in a choir; from there, Lou Berry taught himself the piano, guitar and bass, further pushing the parameters of his expression with the use of production software, self-taught again. Lou Berry’s early sonic experimentation accumulated in his debut EP, Blue Sky that found comparisons to the likes of James Blake and Tom Misch, which placed him on a trajectory towards success, performing at Black Sea Jazz Festival and racking up well over two million streams for the EP-titled track.

In the following years, Lou Berry attended university and collaborated with the Clash-tipped artist, Hendrix Harris and began to work more closely with the management/label, Le Sofa, home to some of the most exciting names to emerge from Paris’s soul/hip-hop scene in recent years: the Pitchfork-tipped Lossapardo, Gracy Hopkins, and the BBC-back LYNN to name a few.

Lou Berry
Inner World
October 9, 2020
Out via Le Sofa

1. The Path To Inner World
2. No Homecoming
3. It’s A New Day
4. Dreams (ft. Gracy Hopkins & LYNN)
5. Is It? (ft. Ingo)
6. Mary’s Lies (ft. Eylia)
7. Runaway (ft. Eylia)
8. Come Back
9. Underneath (ft. Hendrix Harris)
10. Doomed Stars
11. Part Of Us
12. Willingness
13. Mine
14. In My World

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